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Editorial: Flood Preparedness

Consequences: An Alberta drama

When we buy meat, we don’t test it for E. coli. We don’t conduct our own triple-blind trial before taking medication. We trust government to inspect meat and ensure the safety of drugs. Similarly, when we buy a home we trust it’s not built on a gas pipeline, an old oil well–or a floodway.


View PhotoStorefront Reflections, Downtown Calgary, by Jacques Rioux.

Are We Ready for the Next Flood?

Our government wasn't prepared in 2013. Will this year be any different?

When her children were small, Mary Campbell took them hunting for frogs in what is now a residential neighbourhood in High River known as Hampton Hills. “It was a swamp,” she recalls from her farm home, overlooking a sprawl of new suburb.

The Power of Community

As our cities change, community leagues and associations and more important than ever

The diverse functions of community leagues and associations draw in volunteers who might not ordinarily need or want to work together otherwise. This curious jumble of desires and skills shapes the organization, which represents one of the few remaining non-partisan political spaces.

Their Alberta Home

Rae Spoon's artistic turn back West.

The singer attributes the sparseness of their music to a prairie influence, and speaks of feeling homesick--not for suburban Calgary but for the prairie landscape and the mountains, the Athabasca glacier and Drumheller.


Reviews of books written by Alberta authors, published by Alberta publishers, or books that focus on aspects of our province.

Todd Babiak's Come Barbarians; Audrey J. Whitson's The Glorious Mysteries; D.B. Carew's The Killer Trail; David L. Ryan's Boom and Bust Again.

This Land
City Critters:
Why Alberta’s wildlife is moving in with us


It shouldn't be a surprise when the first grizzly turns up in Fish Creek Park or Lethbridge's river valley.

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


Forecasting, berms, tunnels and mayors; Mother Nature defends herself; Oprah's truck's new nuts; urban sprawl vs. farmland.

Leadership School:
Know your carrots from your sticks


The national leader chuckled. "A huge debt is the best thing a new government can have," he told the Poli Sci students.

Meet the Minister
Ken Hughes
Minister of Municipal Affairs


Understanding the unique stresses of Alberta's booming cities.



Where to go and what books to pack for a literary pilgrimage around Alberta.

Community Action
What could your community look like?


Belgravia: A rich history of community activism.

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100 Years of Oil

The legacy of the historic discovery of oil at Turner Valley

Natives, cowboys and settlers had all noticed bubbling gas on the banks of the river. Finally, in 1911, Okotoks farmer Bill Herron bottled the smelly substance and sent it for testing. Analysis confirmed his suspicion.


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Alberta Politics: The First 100 Years

An illustrated history

A political cartoon chronicling the diversity of leaders in Alberta’s first 100 years.