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Overhauling Everything Schools Teach Kids

Is this the way to determine what the next generation needs to know?

On one of Edmonton’s warmest days in early April, NDP education critic Deron Bilous knocked on the office door of Education Minister Jeff Johnson. Bilous held a thick stack of papers–a petition with more than 26,000 signatures asking for oil and gas companies to be removed from Alberta Education curriculum development.


Editorial: End of the PC Dynasty?

This dissatisfaction could prove terminal

History may one day tell that the Progressive Conservatives--this province's latest political dynasty--were defeated by libertarians. But if the PCs indeed fall in 2016, it may well be due to another group entirely: public servants.

Shall I Compare Thee To An iPod?

The unusual residency of Calgary's Writer-in-the-Schools program

I quickly reassured myself that it was not my job to make writers of them all, but to give them all a chance to write. To find that genre that best gave voice to their imaginations and those forms that for them spoke the most resolutely.

One-Party State

How 43 years of PC rule has compromised democracy in Alberta

A major concern is the melding of party and state. The premier and cabinet and their MLAs tend to view the levers of power and the institutions of the state as belonging to the governing party.



Fred Stenson's Who by Fire; Wendy McGrath's Santa Rosa and North East; Maurice Mierau's Detachment: An Adoption Memoir; Bob Sandford's Flood Forecast; and more.

This Land
Bad News, Bambi:
Our deer are slowly going crazy


"Mad deer disease" is spreading because of a decision to allow captive farming of native deer and elk. Albertans who eat venison should be worried.

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


Hehr defends gay-straight alliances; teaching vs learning; de-grading or degrading education; what happens to bad-apple teachers; exodus from rural schools; and more.

Tory Leadership:
End of the oxymoronic era


History could make an idiot of me again, as it often has, but I think the path to victory for Jim Prentice is clear.

Meet the Minister
Jeff Johnson
Minister of Education


This minister is not long for the job.

Performing Arts Guide


An overview of the upcoming season of theatre, classical music, dance and opera.

Community Action
What could your community look like?


Created as a residential retreat in 1911, Bowness became a village in 1948 and then a town in 1952.

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Living with the Land

Conservation transcends partisan divides

Almost 50 species of wildlife are considered at risk in Alberta. Some formerly common species such as the burrowing owl and sage grouse thrived here for millennia but are on course to be wiped out within this decade. Every population of caribou in northern and western Alberta is in trouble.


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A Brilliant Decade for Books

It’s quite possible that the last decade will be remembered as the golden age of Alberta literature.

The past decade has been the most prolific, illuminating and exhilarating for Alberta books yet. Consider that it saw more Albertans publish their stories, poems and non-fiction than any 10-year period prior. Consider the emergence of a new breed of local author, one who straddles our small-town past and breakneck future (i.e., Andrew Wedderburn). Consider