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Close Contact

Inside Alberta's controversial new "direct-supervision" prison

The Correctional peace officer counts his inmates differently than his colleagues in other units of the Edmonton Remand Centre do. Each prisoner stands at ease beside his cellmate outside his cell door, awaiting the former chief military officer’s call. “From the right,” commands the officer, who left the Canadian Forces to run the prison’s so-called Boot Camp Unit, “count!”

Beginning at the third tier, where the guard places his best-behaved men, the count begins: “One!” Foot stomp. “Two!” Foot stomp. From right to left, from top tier to bottom, all 62 men make themselves known.


Editorial: The New New Edmonton Remand

Will history repeat itself?

Edmonton’s remand centre was overcrowded and dangerous, so our government built a bigger one. The new jail had more cells, more beds and state-of-the-art security. But it soon filled up and the old problems resumed.

Unafraid to Fail

One Yellow Rabbit's wild ride.

When the Secret Elevator Experimental Performance Festival was held in Calgary in 1987, a few audience members at a time stepped into an elevator in the Soma building downtown and rode up to an office to see the shows.

Breathe In

2015 short story contest winner

Her face adorns a thousand trinkets. Lockets and charms. Fine bone china and votive candles. Paper fans and one-size-fits-all T-shirts. All bear Her revered image—eyes closed, serene and smiling.


Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature; Gary Garrison'sHuman on the Inside; Robert Girvan'sWho Speaks for the River?; and more.

This Land
A Park for Christmas


Loggers were scheduled to resume clear cutting the lodge pole pine forests that carpet the lower slopes west of Pincher Creek this winter...

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


A Tough Job; Criminalizing Illness; Unique Circumstances; plus other clips, quotes and controversies.

Bohunks and Dagos


The anti-immigration card has been with Canada as long as we've been a nation...

New Books Guide


More than 220 new titles released by Alberta publishers and writers in 2015-- from literary criticism to graphic novels and poetry

Meet the Minister
Kathleen Ganley
Minister of Justice


Not only was Kathleen Ganley named to Notley’s first cabinet, she championed the new government’s first bill—Bill 1.

Community Action


Taber, Alberta

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Kent Hehr takes on the seemingly impossible.

Kent Hehr is in his campaign office on a sweltering May Saturday, getting ready to go door knocking. Hehr is the federal Liberal candidate for Calgary-Centre, currently held by Conservative Joan Crockatt. The election is five months away but Hehr and his campaign team are busy.
“This is starting to be an exercise in futility,” says Vincent St. Pierre, Hehr’s executive assistant. St. Pierre is kneeling on the floor, trying to replace the batteries on Hehr’s wheelchair, stuffing them into the undercarriage after cutting off their oversized plastic handles with a butter knife. Changing the batteries is usually a 20-minute process, but today it’s taken almost an hour.


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What’s Left

The NDP’s big challenge -- and big opportunity

On the afternoon of October 19, 2014, amidst the vibrant colours of an aspen parkland autumn, Rachel Notley (who was 20 when her father died) said a few words at a ceremony at Grant Notley Park marking the 30th anniversary of her father’s death. Just the day before, she had become leader of the Alberta NDP. Speaking without notes, she remembered her father’s sense of humour and his commitment to social justice. “We as a movement are not about one person,” Notley told the small but emotional crowd. “We are not about the last leader, the current leader or the next leader. I’m very excited about what is to come. I think there will be another breakthrough. And it will not be because of one person.”