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What’s Left

The NDP’s big challenge -- and big opportunity

On the afternoon of October 19, 2014, amidst the vibrant colours of an aspen parkland autumn, Rachel Notley (who was 20 when her father died) said a few words at a ceremony at Grant Notley Park marking the 30th anniversary of her father’s death. Just the day before, she had become leader of the Alberta NDP. Speaking without notes, she remembered her father’s sense of humour and his commitment to social justice. “We as a movement are not about one person,” Notley told the small but emotional crowd. “We are not about the last leader, the current leader or the next leader. I’m very excited about what is to come. I think there will be another breakthrough. And it will not be because of one person.”


Editorial: A Strong Opposition

As important as the ruling party.

Criticism helps you see your weaknesses and makes you stronger and wiser. But it takes courage to accept negative feedback in politics, which by nature is adversarial.

Not Your Father’s Union

The challenging face of labour.

When Maria Lemus arrived in Canada from El Salvador in 1987, becoming a vocal union supporter was the farthest thing from her mind. She had just narrowly escaped being kidnapped in a place of political turmoil. The former secretary and one-time dentistry student saw Canada as a refuge.

Picks of the Fringe

An experiment in bringing Alberta plays to rural audiences

Picks of the Fringe is a three-year stimulus project to encourage professional theatre to tour venues in smaller centres around the province. If it succeeds in developing a network of rural audiences, more Alberta theatre artists could make a living at their craft.


Ted Bishop's The Social Life of Ink; Myrl Coulter's A Year of Days; Lynette Loeppky's Cease; and more.

This Land
Plundered Forests: The end of enlightened management.


Those who loved the foothills during their golden era are horrified. Alberta Forest Service has proven itself incompetent at protecting the public interest.

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


1993 All Over Again; One of the Greats; Red Menace; plus other clippings, quotes and controversies.

On Strategic Voting


It makes a mockery of democracy to vote against someone who believes what you do and for someone who has demonstrated they believe the opposite.

Meet the Minister
Ric McIver
Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training & Labour


When Ric McIver was named to cabinet, some speculated that his appointment would be bad for workers...

Guide to Local Travel


Adventures from the boreal forest and the Canadian shield through the foothills, the Rockies, the parkland and the grassland.

Community Action
What could your community look like?


Cochrane, Alberta

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Reviving a Political Corpse

How Jim Prentice rescued the Alberta PCs and took control

On a late sunny day in August 2014, Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Jim Prentice jumped off his campaign bus at the Napa AutoPro in Boyle. He posed for a photo with some of the town’s EMS staff. He entered the shop with local MLA and then-education minister Jeff Johnson. The aspiring premier made his way around the room, having his photo taken with most of the 20-odd people crowded into the store.


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Make Your Vote Count

Why Alberta needs proportional representation now

“First past the post” offers simplicity and stability but sacrifices fairness and equity for individual voters and political minorities.