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Rollin Stanley

How a vocal visionary is challenging assumptions and changing Calgary

Stanley is an outspoken agitator for urban densification and renewal in a city that grew by nearly 40,000 people in 2014. As Calgary’s general manager of planning, development and assessment, Stanley leads a department that has historically directed growth toward the city’s edges while existing neighbourhoods hollowed out.


Editorial: The Desirable Community

Dense and complete.

I come from a typical Calgary suburb, with a tree-lined boulevard, acres of single-detached homes and no building over three storeys high. Silver Springs was a great place to grow up, with two Mac’s stores, a ravine, three schools...

A Well of Uncertainty

Alberta needs new rules on urban drilling

When I stand on the rear deck of my two-year-old home on the outer edge of Copperwood, one of west Lethbridge’s fastest-growing suburbs, my attention is drawn west. The scene is classic southwestern Alberta: big sky, open prairie, mountain horizon. I cherish the view, but I know it won’t last.

Jane’s Walks

Seeing our neighbourhoods through the eyes of Jane Jacobs

Jane's Walks generate discussion of Jacob's ideas and allow citizens to explore their own neighbourhoods from new perspectives.


Tom Flanagan's Persona Non Grata; Dave Margoshes's Wiseman's Wager; Natalie Simpson's Thrum; and more.

This Land
Who Defines Alberta?


Henry Stelfox arrived in Alberta during one of the worst winters in our history--the endless cold of 1906-1907 that, by some estimates, killed more than

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


Safety in Strangers; A Place to Hang Your Hat; McScandal; plus other clippings, quotes and controversies.

On Guard for Thee


Canada's electronic spy agency sifts through millions of downloads per day looking for extremist plots. If I had the fraction of the cost of siting

Meet the Minister
Diana McQueen
Minister of Municipal Affairs


It’s ironic that farmer Ed Stelmach understood the unique needs of Alberta’s cities better than any local politician of his time or since. Cities are

Guide to Art Galleries


From Grande Prairie to Medicine Hat, visit 40 public, artist-run and commercial galleries that showcase merging and established Alberta artists.

Community Action
What could your community look like?


Oliver, Edmonton

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Reviving a Political Corpse

How Jim Prentice rescued the Alberta PCs and took control

On a late sunny day in August 2014, Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Jim Prentice jumped off his campaign bus at the Napa AutoPro in Boyle. He posed for a photo with some of the town’s EMS staff. He entered the shop with local MLA and then-education minister Jeff Johnson. The aspiring premier made his way around the room, having his photo taken with most of the 20-odd people crowded into the store.


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Make Your Vote Count

Why Alberta needs proportional representation now

“First past the post” offers simplicity and stability but sacrifices fairness and equity for individual voters and political minorities.