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Reviving a Political Corpse

How Jim Prentice rescued the Alberta PCs and took control

On a late sunny day in August 2014, Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Jim Prentice jumped off his campaign bus at the Napa AutoPro in Boyle. He posed for a photo with some of the town’s EMS staff. He entered the shop with local MLA and then-education minister Jeff Johnson. The aspiring premier made his way around the room, having his photo taken with most of the 20-odd people crowded into the store.


Editorial: Angry Albertans

Could this be a good sign?

Nothing should surprise us about Alberta politics. Our most vote-winning politician of all time let hospitals and schools rot while the oil industry rolled in money. Here, a leader can win a massive majority after everyone predicts her defeat...


No piece of paper could change the land’s willingness to hold its children. Or could it?

As the priest stood in the wind, struggling to nail that bit of paper to his church door, Spirit-in-Stone thought he looked more than ever like a flightless crow. “What are you nailing up there, No-Fly-Crow?” she called in Cree.

Two Peoples, One System

My experience of Aboriginal Education.

Aboriginal educational outcomes must be understood in the context of the vast gap between traditional indigenous worldviews and those imported from Europe, and how these belief systems differ in their approaches to teaching and learning.


Barry Gough's The Elusive Mr. Pond; Lori Hahnel's After You've Gone; Gary Ryan's Glycerine; and more.

This Land
Save the Beetles! In praise of disaster


Two hard winters in a row mean that our latest crisis in the forest-- the mountain pine beetle outbreak-- may be winding down.

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


Modern Medicine Man; Food Court Injustice; #Nativerthanyou; plus other clippings, quotes and controversies.

Tory Backbencher’s Lament


You considered being a politician. You were well known in your town. You had taken turns on the school board and town council.

Meet the Minister
Jim Prentice
Minister of Aboriginal Relations


It’s not unheard of for premiers to take on a ministry job; Ernest Manning practically ran government himself, as premier and, variously, treasurer, attorney general

Guide to Museums


From Fort Chip to Cardston, museums work to preserve and interpret Alberta's unique local history and culture.

Community Action
What could your community look like?


Maskwacis: formerly Hobbema

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Sandbox for Ingenuity

At Beakerhead science and art play together

Unexpected. Like a human-scale nest. Or a musical trip through the human brain. Or a sustainable Ferris wheel providing a gourmet food experience, or an outdoor theremin concert. Mix science, engineering and art and it seems inevitable that the unanticipated will emerge.


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Make Your Vote Count

Why Alberta needs proportional representation now

“First past the post” offers simplicity and stability but sacrifices fairness and equity for individual voters and political minorities.