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Landowner Rights

How Big Oil trumps private and public good

Alberta scenario. A family pays off its city mortgage and decides to move to an acreage. They buy a place and settle into country living. An oil company fracks near their home. Soon after, they notice their water does not taste right. Alberta families who believe they have been harmed by industrial activity usually assume they have property rights that are being violated. Many believe the government will help them, at least in gaining compensation. The truth is that Canada’s Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are silent on property rights.


Editorial: Sustainable

What does it mean, really?

Is a McDonald’s burger environmentally “sustainable”? Ronald McDonald would say that it is—or rather that it will be once the company’s “sustainable beef” campaign is complete. You’d be right to be cynical; the world’s largest fast-food company hasn’t exactly got a record of environmental leadership.

Better Beef?

What's behind the hype?

The meat industry is changing. Canada's biggest buyer of ground beef, McDonald's, says that by 2016 its beef will be "sustainable." While the debate rages on about what constitutes better beef, some Canadians have quietly figured out a way to define sustainable cattle-rearing.

The Practical Locavore

How to do local food easily, quickly, well-and inexpensively.

It sounds like a distinctly First World problem, to debate the ethics, expediency and economics of eating when so many on the globe are going hungry, but the underlying issues -- and results -- affect everyone.


Donald Gutstein's Harperism; Hollie Adams'Things You've Inherited From Your Mother; Kevin Taft'sShredding the Public Interest; and more.

This Land
One Trillion Passengers


We are not individuals; we are ecosystems. Our gut contains 10 times as many microbial cells as body cells...

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


Property Is a Social Construct; Dead to Rights; The 10,000-Mile Diet; plus other clippings, quotes and controversies.

Floor Crossing


When Smith fired up her flute and led the exodus, were the remaining Wildrose supporters supposed to down tools and parade to PC Mountain?

Meet the Minister
Verlyn Olson
Minister of Agriculture


Farmers and ranchers tend to want less government -- but Verlyn Olson's party may change this.

Guide to Local Food


Farmers, farmers markets, box programs, cooking classes and local cookbooks.

Community Action
What could your community look like?


Forestburg, Alberta

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Rollin Stanley

How a vocal visionary is challenging assumptions and changing Calgary

Stanley is an outspoken agitator for urban densification and renewal in a city that grew by nearly 40,000 people in 2014. As Calgary’s general manager of planning, development and assessment, Stanley leads a department that has historically directed growth toward the city’s edges while existing neighbourhoods hollowed out.


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Make Your Vote Count

Why Alberta needs proportional representation now

“First past the post” offers simplicity and stability but sacrifices fairness and equity for individual voters and political minorities.