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It Takes a Village

The case for universal daycare

During the Second World War the Ernest Manning government refused to invest in wartime day nurseries for Calgary and Edmonton—despite the fact that so many Alberta women with young children had entered the provincial labour force because their husbands were away fighting. Two decades later the demand for daycare began to soar as more women got jobs outside the home. In 1951 only 10 per cent of Alberta’s married women were in the labour force; by 1971 it was 43 per cent. The number of commercial daycares in Edmonton and Calgary steadily grew toward the end of the Manning era. The care provided was generally quite poor because of barebones licensing standards that included no staff-training requirements.


Editorial: Diversity Perhaps

But how to measure the plan's success?

To the list of motherhood and apple pie—things everyone loves—you can add economic diversification. Indeed, the mandate of our province’s new ministry dedicated to such is so uncontroversial it can induce catatonia.

Beer Boom

Economic diversification, one brewery at a time

Lacombe, just north of Red Deer, may not be the first place you think of when the conversation turns to craft beer. But these days some good brewing is definitely happening in town.

Economic Diversification

Can the Notley government reduce our reliance on oil and gas?

When I sat on the Alberta Treasury Board, but a few short years ago, we were talking about investing provincial surpluses in the Heritage Fund. Today?


Joan Crate's Black Apple; Jenna Butler's A Profession of Hope ; David L. Ryan's edit of Boom and Bust Again; and more.

This Land
Cowboy Welfare


Imagine that you and your extended family own a large tract of land full of native vegetation and wildlife.

Sunshine Lists


Sunshine lists disclose who gets how much from the public purse. The stated reason: government transparency.

Eye on Alberta
Clippings, Quotes and Controversies


Leaving the Fantasy; Married Single Parents; Such a Bad Idea; plus other clips, quotes and controversies.

Galleries Guide


47 Alberta art galleries: public, commercial and artist-run.

Meet the Minister
Deron Bilous
Minister of Economic Development


Oh, the ironies of Alberta politics. A teacher, Deron Bilous, is in charge of promoting the province’s private sector.

Community Action
East Village


East Village, Calgary

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Canada’s Top Judge

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.

The Grand Entrance Hall of the Supreme Court in Ottawa is beautiful in an imposing, not to say forbidding, way. Lined with three kinds of marble in chaste tones of beige and gold, punctuated by 12-metre columns, it’s dominated by a monumental double staircase. But once you ascend the staircase to the main courtroom, things become warmer and more matter-of-fact.

After a security check, anyone can enter this room and watch the Supreme Court of Canada at work. Nine chairs upholstered in red leather stand on a dais, against walnut panelling the colour of dark chocolate.


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A Life Sentence

Being the parent of a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

My son’s diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and our family’s consequent chaotic home life were shameful secrets before Gabrielle, the newest member of my work carpool, vented about her kids’ problems in our school…