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A Look At Past Brews & Views


Yes, Alberta Views was at it again–drinking on the job. Only, it’s OK when it is your job to generate lively discussion over a few friendly brews.


New, locally-owned bookstore. Three  writers. One darn good magazine—I’d say that’s reason enough to have a brew or two. Shelf Life Books hosted Brews & Views VI—”a three-ding,” that is, a three-person reading, by  Aritha van Herk (December feature of Robert Kroetsch), Kristjanna Grimmelt (winner of Alberta Views 2010’s short fiction contest) and Alex Rettie (books columnist, Rettie on Books.)

NOV 20

There are no such things as wait-rooms times at Brews & Views, come on in. It was a healthy dose of discussion and laughter (the best medicine in some cases) at the University of Alberta’s Dewey’s Pub for Healthcare-theme Pub Quiz. Expert panelists were the defib-rulating pundit Dave Cournoyer, author Cheryl Mahaffy with her prescriptive perspectives, and MLA for Edmonton-Centre, member of a healthy opposition, Ms. Laurie Blakeman.

AUG 19

Brews & Views Edmonton was based on an article written by Jennifer Cockrall-King in our summer issue called The Farm Next Door: How local food–really local food–is back on the political menu. It was a panel discussion and Show n’ Tell night with one guest even bringing a pig

The other (non-animal) guests for Brews & Views IV at the Dish Bistro were treated to the city seedsman, the Urban Farmer himself, Mr. Ron Berezan; the Best Beekeeper from Bon Accord, owner of Lola Canola Honey, Patty Milligan; and first-time gardener (though not her garden) the Commandeering Cultivator, Tracy Hyatt.

On the table last night were the topics of farmland development in the city, population growth, a perpetually elongating food chain and raising animals in the city.

A big thanks to Alley Kat Brewing Co. for supplying the ‘brews’ portion of the evening, the ‘views’ were allowed to blossom uninhibited into a generous thicket of ideas and solutions. This was all recorded by the good folks at CJSW who (check website) broadcast a good chunk of the talk.

Another fine evening of ventilating political exchange at the Canmore Hotel – only this time it wasn’t only tolerated by the bar staff at the Ho’ but in fact hosted!

Brews & Views in Canmore featured a panel of legendary mountain authors (left to right) Jeff Gailus (The Grizzly Manifesto),  Michale Lang (curator at the Whyte Museum and author of Bears: Tracks through TimeBob Sandford (Water, Weather and the Mountain West) and Ben Gadd (Handbook to the Canadian Rockies).

If you weren’t there, you certainly should have. Planned subject: Alberta’s mountain parks and the long-time problematic balance of conservation and industry. Actual conversation: God, grizzlies, the human condition and how there are just too damn many of us.

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