Diana McQueen: Environment Minister


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Born: Drayton Valley
Education: Graduated high school in Drayton Valley
Work prior to politics: Mayor of Drayton Valley, 2001-2008; worked in Amoco Canada’s accounting department; managed a retail business; served as a school board chair and trustee
First elected:
March 3, 2008 (re-elected once)
Constituency: Drayton Valley-Calmar
Previously: Minister of Environment & Water, October 2011–May 2012; co-chair for Climate Change Central
Sworn in as Minister of Environment: October 12, 2011

Albertans expect their water to be safe, their air to be clean, their land to be productive, and careful decisions to be made to ensure public safety and a healthy environment
Mission: To assure the effective stewardship of Alberta’s environmental systems to sustain a high quality of life

10th floor, Petroleum Plaza S. Tower, 9915 108 St, Edm, T5K 2G8
780 427 2700 Fax: 780 422 4086
http://environment.alberta.ca Email: diana.mcqueen@assembly.ab.ca Twitter: @MinisterMcQueen


“Industry, Ottawa and the province of Alberta will spend up to $150-million to ‘ramp up’ oil sands monitoring…Critics say while the plan is a step in the right direction, the feds and province are missing the mark by not appointing an independent commission. ‘This can’t be run from within government; there’s been too much trust lost,’ said U of A’s David Schindler.” (Tanara McLean, Edm Sun, Feb 3)

“Simon Dyer of the Pembina Institute is glad the province has aspirations to improve environmental performance, and he senses a change of tone. [But] he noted: ‘Alberta has a GHG management plan but hasn’t strengthened it for years.’ ” (Kelly Cryderman, Cgy Herald, May 11)

“The ministry responsible for environmental protection [was merged] with the one that manages land use, wildlife, hunting/fishing licences and forestry… ‘It creates a bit of a problem when you’ve got (SRD), which is really the industry and money-making arm of the government… (rolled into) the watchdog part,’ said Wildrose’s Danielle Smith… [But] Gary Leach of the Small Explorers & Producers Association of Canada said the super-portfolio is well suited for the advocacy role McQueen has played on behalf of the province and the oil industry.” (Trish Audette, Edm Journal, May 8) #

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