>Alberta Views provides readers with information, analysis and perspective to inspire positive social change in the province. We are a platform for many voices, a vehicle of expression for Alberta’s best thinkers, writers and artists. We explore topics of public interest relevant to government, shared social concerns and culture. We work with our fellow citizens to imagine and create the Alberta we want, a province that is good for everyone.

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Why Alberta Views?

1. Alberta’s economy continues to grow. Alberta has led all provinces in economic growth during the past five years, with an average annual GDP growth of 3.6% per year. (Source: Statistics Canada). Alberta Views can help you tap into the Alberta market.

2. Alberta Views has enjoyed a 30% increase in advertising revenues over the past year and has more subscribers than any other general-interest magazine in the province. You can share in our successes by placing an ad.

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Considering Magazine Ads?

Why Magazines?

1. Magazines and magazine ads capture focused attention: The focused process of magazine reading leads to less media multi-tasking, ensuring single-minded attention to advertising.

2. Magazine advertising is targeted: Magazines engage readers in very personal ways. There’s a magazine for every passion and a passion for every magazine. Use magazines to reach your target audience in a meaningful way—a way in which Specialty TV just can’t compare. Plus, magazine ads reach the affluent, those with disposable income to buy advertised brands.

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Reaching Magazine Readers

Magazines provide advertisers with access to their loyal readers by providing an engaging environment and a very personal connection. At the heart of this personal connection is this: consumers access magazines on their own terms. They read their magazines when they’re ready. They read their magazines when—and where—they want to. In this Magazines Canada Magblast podcast, guest experts Randy Craig (Director of Advertising & Marketing, Cottage Life & explore) and Tim Hughes (Managing Partner, Client Business Director, MindShare Canada) explore the mechanics behind the close relationship readers have with their magazines. Understanding this relationship allows us to reach readers, on their terms.