April 2006



Crime and Punishment by Jackie Flanagan

“I expected her to say that this can only be the end if both sides forgive each other. Instead she said we can’t overlook wrongdoing. As moral beings with the capacity to weigh and choose our actions, we must accept their consequences.”


Aboriginal Spirituality Soars in Alberta Prisons & ┬áThree to a cell: Alberta’s Remand Centres by Darcy Henton

“They look subdued from the outside, but trouble is brewing inside Alberta’s overcrowded prisons. Aboriginal inmates and others speak out from the “Max” and the province’s remand centres on the violence, the inhumane conditions and the necessity for reform.”

Feature Report

Chernobyl’s Toxic Legacy by Alla Geulber

“The 20th anniversary of the infamous nuclear meltdown stirs bitter memories for one Albertan, prompting a closer look at a global disaster former Soviets are still sweeping under the rug.”

Feature Essay

Katrina Pet Rescue by Amanda Follett

“New Orleans abandoned dogs are getting help and a big hug from Canmore, Alberta.”

Photo Feature

Seed Catalogue by Dennis Cooley

“Robert Kroetsch’s long poem is to Albertans what Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass is to Americans. Revealing how we create a culture out of emptiness, the poem’s mystery lies in what it leaves unsaid.”


Food Guide 2006

Book Reviews

Communication Is Dead by Fred Stenson

“Instant, private, person-to-person voice communication across walls and oceans was a pretty good idea, but it is now on history’s junk heap.”