Notes from an Intern: First Impressions

I’ve been intrigued by the print culture of our society since a very young age. I was one of those small children that chewed on the corners of books while I was teething and who promptly progressed to tearing them apart. Now, this doesn’t exactly sound promising, but I assure you I grew out of my

A Lilac(less) Fest

May 29 Report after last Sunday: Diversify into mozza ball, jazzercise markets. Sunday morning and the team is out at Lilac Fest on 4th St. Calgary. Our tent featured a blank canvas inviting people to scribble the change they want to see in the world. Alas, for the third year in a row, you will

Career Opportunity!

JOB POSTING  IS NOW CLOSED. You are an intelligent, mature, professional, supremely organized individual with at least 5 years experience ensuring the smooth running of a busy office and keeping the financials in impeccable shape. You are accurate, detail-focused, deadline-oriented and able to take initiative. You have the ability to walk into an office environment,

Fresh Paint, Fresh Ideas, Fresh Underwear (some of us)

Among other things, you may have noticed the magazine’s online visage has undergone a digital facelift. We also recently went “under the brush” last week, painting the office (and while away from work for the day, the town) red. And in continuing the surgery analogy, we’re perhaps proudest of all of our two fine new