Notes from an Intern:
Reacting to Apr 2006:
Ignoring the Remand Centre

The cover of the April 2006 issue is almost identical to the cover we have come to recognize as Alberta Views today. The cover photo takes up about two-thirds of the page with the magazine’s logo sitting just above it. Above the logo are three “sky boxes” with teasers to what lies within the pages of

Notes from an Intern:
Reacting to Jan/Feb 04 & Sep 05:
The Influence of Money

As some people may have noticed in the not so recent past there was a week with no new blog post. The office has been abuzz with our Christmas promotion (which runs until December 31st!) and I have sadly had little time to write. With that said I offer a “Franken-blog” if you will. What

Notes from the Intern
Reacting to Mar/Apr 2003:
Looking Passed Perceptions

Alberta Views Magazine celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2003. Over the past five weeks of our Twitter Campaign, I have read through five years of Alberta Views history. By reading one issue a week, I have learned that the magazine has produced deep, thought provoking articles about life in Alberta. Topics ranging from politics to

Notes from an Intern
Reacting to Nov/Dec 2002:
Before Yoga was Everywhere

In 2002, Alberta Views was still only published six times a year but with 70 pages of content. These issues remained as diverse as years previous with spotlights on politics, culture and community. I tend to gravitate towards issues that feature healthcare, education or family dynamics and so I will not deny nature and change

Notes from an Intern
Reacting to Mar/Apr 2001
Education & Cryogenic Freezing?

In 2001 Alberta Views published six issues. The issue I chose to read was the March/April issue that focused on education. On the cover was a picture of a woman walking in front of a large yellow building. As a U of A student I know this building to be the Butterdome. With a cover

Notes from an Intern
Reacting to Nov/Dec 2000
Then & Now: Family in Alberta

By 2000, Alberta Views had progressed to being published six times a year. From this year of AV’s past catalogue, I chose to read the November/December issue, which focuses on the “Changing Face of the Family.” In the issue’s main feature “Father No Longer Knows Best,” Graham Chandler explores a shift in the province’s family

Notes from an Intern
Gender Policy:
Reacting to Alberta Views’ Winter 1999 issue

To me, one of the most interesting features in this Alberta Views issue was former Reform MP Jan Brown’s article entitled, “Mom Never Told Us House Work Would Be Like This.” Her article focuses on the role of women in society and particularly on a woman’s role in politics. In the late 90s, Brown says,

Notes from an Intern
Looking back: Summer 1998

Hello again, Big News: Starting next week, my blog will be moving to Mondays. Why? Because something special is going to happen. Monday, October 24th marks the beginning of Alberta Views’ 15th Anniversary Twitter Campaign, run by yours truly, Nicole Liesner, dauntless Alberta Views intern. Every Monday for the next 15 weeks a different issue

Notes from an Intern: Subscriptions Galore!

Welcome to October! It’s strange how time flies! Isn’t it? Nevertheless, my days here are packed with work and interesting conversation. New opportunities seem to be springing up like flowers! This month promises much travel and adventure. Oh, and lots of subscriptions. Altogether, the world of subscriptions is intriguing. In ways it’s such an odd

Notes from an Intern: New Places, New Faces

Welcome to my third blog entry! Last weekend, on Sunday, September 25 to be precise, I went to my first festival and worked my first booth. Where was this booth? It was at Lethbridge’s Word On The Street event (WOTS)! This magazine and book event happens every fall all across the country in cities like