Guidelines For Writers

Alberta Views is a magazine of well-written and well-researched stories about the culture, politics and economy of Alberta.

Each issue contains two or three feature articles of approximately 3,000 words on matters concerning the public good. Alberta Views is only interested in articles that have a strong Alberta focus.

Please email us about your ideas for articles. We do not accept phone queries. For queries, expect a reply in six to eight weeks.

Book Reviews
Each issue contains three to five book reviews of approximately 500 words each. We review books written by Albertans and/or published in the province.

Please query us by email about book reviews. We do not accept phone queries.

Eye on Alberta
Alberta Views will consider reprints from various media of up to 1,000 words for Eye on Alberta (our readings section).
To submit a piece for Eye on Alberta—such as a previously published editorial or news item—please email us the text or send a photocopy. Provide the name of the publication and the date the piece appeared. We do not pay for reprints, art or anything else in Eye on Alberta, but we are interested in speeches, found documents, emails, blog posts and letters of relevance to the public interest.

We do not accept unsolicited fiction. However, we do hold an annual fiction contest; visit our Contests page in the spring for details about our annual Fiction Contest.

We accept unsolicited poetry.

Alberta Views covers issues as opposed to news. Please read recent editions of Alberta Views before querying in order to better understand what kind of work we publish. Our articles typically require a minimum of three months lead time, so please be aware of time-sensitive material or ideas. Back issues of the magazine are available for $6 plus postage.

In any query, please include:

  • A written proposal of 300–500 words outlining your intended contribution to Alberta Views, why you are qualified to write about your subject and what sources you intend to use.
  • A résumé outlining your experience and education.
  • Recent examples of your published work (tear sheets).

When emailing text, either attach a Microsoft Word document (.doc) or include plain text in the body of the email.

No materials will be returned without a self-addressed stamped envelope.
Accompanying artwork or photos are welcome, but please see the guidelines for illustrators and photographers below. Do not embed graphics in Word files.

Please address all queries to the attention of:

208, 320 23rd Ave SW
Calgary AB, T2S 0J2

Or send an email

We expect all writers to sign an agreement. We buy First North American Serial Rights and the right to post the article with EBSCO for access by researchers as well as to our website. An exact facsimile of stories as they appear in the print edition of Alberta Views will also appear in future digital editions of the magazine.

Alberta Views pays up to .50¢ CDN per word for features depending on the writer’s experience and qualifications. We pay up to $100 for reviews. We pay on acceptance, not publication.

Guidelines for Illustrators & Photographers

We are a Mac-based operation, running recent versions of InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. All digital images for publication should be 300 dpi, TIFF, JPG or EPS format. We can scan transparencies, prints and illustrations up to 18 x 25 inches.

We gratefully accept images from Alberta artists and galleries who wish to showcase their work in the magazine (space permitting). No fee is paid for this usage. All materials will be returned.

All photography and illustration for our features is assigned by our art director, and fees are paid based on the artist’s experience and qualifications. We buy First North American Serial Rights, and the right to post the article on our website and for internal design reuse.

It is the magazine’s mandate to feature Alberta artists and photographers, or imagery that is about Alberta. We do our best to avoid the postcard view of our province.

If you would like Alberta Views to see your visual work, please send samples to:
Art Director
Alberta Views
Suite 208 – 320 23rd Avenue SW
Calgary AB T2S 0J2

A self-addressed stamped envelope is required if you wish your samples returned, but samples we can keep on file will increase the likelihood of future assignments.

You can also send samples to the Art Director.

Please send only 3 to 5 files (no larger than 100kb each), in any of the common formats: JPEG, TIFF, EPS or PDF.
Thank you for your interest in contributing to Alberta’s magazine of thoughtful commentary on social issues, politics and culture.