December 2006


Surprised by Joy by Jackie Flanagan

“I had never lived in the inner city before, and it was new to me to be wakened at dawn by Safeway carts rattling and clinking down the back alley, pushed by street people rummaging through dumpsters and garbage cans for bottles.”


Seeing in Black and White by Harry Vandervlist

“Today black and white silver-process photography finds itself resituated, placed in a new relationship to the rest of the image-making arts. In the past several decades, colour photography promoted itself from mere document to fine art…”

Feature Essay

Return to Blackfoot Crossing by Graham Livesey

“The use of traditional icons in the design is intended to preserve the Siksika culture and provide direct lessons to the youth of the Siksika Nation and to museum visitors.”

Feature Report

The Invisible Art by Peter Norman

“A similar—and similarly daunting—job is undertaken regularly by a dedicated cadre of artists. Using one language to stand in for another, literary translators must rebuild the primal experience of reading a poem or story or play.”

Feature Essay

Cavalier Boy by Candace Allan

“She feels her pulse beating against her watch strap. Her hands tingle and the blood drums at the end of her fingertips. It’s hot. So, so hot.”


Books Guide 2006

Book Reviews

Who Backs Arts? by Fred Stenson

“Another difference between the leadership election and a general election is that the leadership one will have cost you five bucks a vote (if you were not already a PC party member). I recognize the strategy.”