Fall 1998


Fall 1998

Pooled Resources by Jackie Flanagan

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Taxes pay for our roads, schools, doctors, police, firemen, teachers, sewage and clean water supply. More and more of our public resources come from fundraising, which is time-consuming and costly work as compared to tax collection.

The City’s Exposed Outer Flank and the Heroes Who Live There by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Out in the wilderness of the suburbs, Stenson survives to tell us about the wrath of El Nino.

Oh, Wilderness The decline of wilderness in the boreal forest

by Andrew Nikiforuk

Ty Lund, Steve West, Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, sterilization, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund

Special Places 2000 was Klein’s commitment to protect and increase parkland for an ecologically sustainable future. By identifying areas for economic development and areas for environmental protection, Special Places was meant to cool feuds between industry and environmentalists, making Alberta more attractive to business. But now, even business is fed up.

The Next Alberta Would you want to live there?

by Myrna Kostash, illustrations by Hugo Dubon

Essay, cyberspace, identity politics

A baby boomer who grew up in the 60s as part of the generation who built the social programs now threatened, Myrna Kostash attempt to read the future. She talks with the politically-active members of Generation Next to ascertain what is moving and shaking these under thirty year olds.

Alberta Musicians Rock Landscape, lifestyle and community draw talent to the land of opportunity

by David Veitch

Jann Arden, Ian Tyson, James Keelaghan, Anne Loree, kd Lang, Stony Plain Records, Terry Wickham

Alberta, which may come as a surprise, is not such a bad place to be if you’re an aspiring musician with non-classical tastes. There is a strong, supportive community and many record labels even have offices in Calgary.

Wild Roses by Katherine Govier, illustrations by Bianka Odrzygozdz

Fiction, short story

Lucy comes home to settle her parents into their condominium. She comes to settle something else besides: her relationship with an aunt she’s never met.

A Painter’s Inspiration Text and photos by Marilynn McAra

Cecile Derkatch designed her garden to fill two purposes: a memorial to her mother, and an al fresco studio for her painting. Now, she has a garden of inspiration.

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