February 2006


The Daycare Debates by Cheryl Mahaffy

“Alberta has signed on to the national child care program, which will boost funding, but the Klein Tories’ commitment to “choice”—read “for-profit daycare”—may compromise quality care.”


Whose Family? by Neil Parmar

“The Alberta PCs say they rank family values as one of their top principles, yet many families are left out of their social policies. Are we doing all we can to support the families that need the most help?”


All Along the Watchtower by Billie Gates

“Alberta’s lookout staff are part of one of the oldest and best methods of fire detection. However, it’s more than protecting the wilderness that keeps so many of these modern nomads coming back year after year.”

Personal Essay

Memory of the Hive by Candace Allan

“Desperate for summer weather, the girls had their white bellies exposed from the hems of their skimpy shirts to the tops of their jeans. Between downpours, the night air was humid.”