January/February 2000


January / February 2000

A Meditation on Time and Culture by Jackie Flanagan


There is a distinction between culture, which is man-made, and nature, which is reality. The millennium is a cultural construction and we’d do well to remember this.

Improving the New Millennium by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson bows to millennial pressure and makes his own list: 29 improvements for the New Millennium.

Diversity & Equity in Alberta in 2016 by Harvey Krahn

Demographers, fertility rates, mortality rates, migration rates, aboriginal population

Our aging population will mean more seniors, spiralling health costs and pension plan problems, right? The future isn’t so certain. Understanding how our population is changing in Alberta can help us plan for a future society that’s not crippled by dire predictions.

Alberta Onscreen Why fight for an indigenous film industry?

by Linda Kupecek

History of Alberta film industry, Alberta Motion Picture Development Corporation, AMPIA

The Lougheed government saw Alberta’s film industry as a business, and therefore something to invest in building. The Klein government also saw it as a business, and therefore something that should be separated from government. Now it’s an industry and an art.

The Grey Wave Today’s seniors feel betrayed. How will tomorrow’s seniors fare?

Text and photos by Cheryl Mahaffy

International Year of Older Persons, Alberta Council on Aging, Stan Woloshyn, Laurie Blakeman, Operation Friendship, Senior Friendly, Jan Reimer

With the advent of Klein, seniors have had to deal with more cutbacks and the rolling of 15 crucial programs into one. Counting on those programs when they planned their retirement, seniors on fixed incomes have no way to adjust. Will the government amend this crisis before the next generation of seniors?

Raging Gracefully by Shelley Mardiros, photos by John Dean

Extenuating circumstances, street theatre

The Raging Grannies are popping up all over the province. Alberta now has chapters of the social activist group in Edmonton, Lethbridge and Calgary. With their costumes lampooning the stereotype of grandma and lyrics set to popular songs, the Grannies are proving to be popular activists.

Banff Cascade Gardens Text and photos by Donna Fremont

Garden, photo essay

The Banff National Park Administration Building and Cascade Gardens were designed by Harold C. Beckett and constructed in 1935. Today, visitors enjoy the same experience as visitors did in the past.

Noordwest Expres by Susan Crawford, illustration by Larry Bowhay

Short story, fiction, AlbertaViews Short Story Contest Winner

On a train bound for Copenhagen, a daughter realizes that the passage of 55 years has not stopped the war from continuing to wreck havoc.

Coal Miners of Alberta Photos by Lawrence Chrismas

Photo essay, poetry, CoalDust Grins: A Musical Portrait, CoalDust Grins: Portraits of Canadian Coal Miners

A sneak peak at a project on coal miners that married songs to photographs.

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