January/February 2001


January / February 2001

What is the Role of Government? by Jackie Flanagan


No matter what our objections are to our government, we could not survive without one.

The Two Canadas by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

If you think Stenson is talking about French Canada and English Canada, guess again.

The People’s Art Collector For over 25 years, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts has been collecting, preserving and exhibiting the works of Alberta artists

by Mary-Beth Laviolette

Peter Lougheed, Dr. Marion Groves, James and Marion Nicoll, Terrence Heath

Our growing public collection of Albertan art has over 6,400 works, including photos, prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures, ceramics and textiles. It has travelled throughout the province, the country and the world.

Here’s the Beef The social costs of beefpacking’s move to rural Alberta

Text and photos by Michael J. Broadway

Lakeside Packers, Iowa Beef Packers, Cargill, High River, Brooks, The United Food & Commercial Workers

To attract foreign industries, the government provides tax-breaks, thereby freeing corporations from any obligation to build or contribute to the social infrastructure required for their workers. Two U.S.-owned beefpacking plants demonstrate the social fallout.

Crisis in Alberta Daycare How has the care of our children become such a low priority?

Text and photo by Cheryl Mahaffy

You Bet I Care, Canadian Child Care Federation, Child and Family Resource Association, Iris Evans

Lack of reasonable wages for trained childcare workers have left daycares understaffed. Yet, increasingly, we are aware that pre-schoolers are the age group most responsive to their environments. Excellent child care ensures the well-being of the province’s children

Spreading the Word Banff’s very public library

by Shelley Mardiros

Banff Public Library, Kathleen Evans, Alberta Libraries Act

In the 90s, Alberta’s public libraries implemented user fees to offset government cuts to their funding. Unfortunately, these fees have become a barrier to library use. In two communities, a library board and an individual are increasing accessibility of books to Albertans.

Boreal Beauty by Marianne Bruce

Garden, Borealis park system, Adopt-a-park, photo essay

Fort McMurray is not known for its gardens, but maybe it should be. It has a tremendous gardening community as reflected by its 27 public gardens, tended by volunteers.

Stolen Silence by Wayne Arthurson, illustrations by Mike Kerr

Short story, fiction, AlbertaViews Short Story Contest winner

Three men, the body of a fisherman, his son, and his partner set sail on a stolen boat.

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