January/February 2002


January / February 2002

Vibrant City Life by Jackie Flanagan


Alberta’s big cities, Edmonton and Calgary, are getting bigger, both in population and in area. Not too big, however, that we can’t still shape their growth.

Sky Scrape by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire

Donald Trump wants to build the world’s tallest building in the ashes of the Twin Towers. Stenson is opposed to the gesture in theory and to skyscrapers in general.

Public Art An essential component of the streetscapes, plazas and parks of all great cities

by Monique Westra

Red Deer Downtown Business Association, “Ghosts”, Capital City Downtown Plan, The Works, Art and Design in Public Places Program

Great cities understand that visual art gives meaning and humanity to public urban spaces. Recognizing this, Red Deer and Edmonton have public art programs and policies in place. Calgary does not.

Cities Shortchanged Cutbacks and “downloading” force cities into a tight spot

by Mark Lowey

Infrastructure, municipalities, Canada West Foundation, program cuts, Ed Tel Endowment Fund, fuel tax

Alberta cities have grown substantially over the last decade, and yet, the transfer payment they receive from the provincial and federal government has declined just as substantially.

Lost Capital An old Edmonton warehouse holds a valuable lesson about downtown revitalization

by Christopher Wiebe

Artopia, Downtown Residential Reinvestment Program, Ken Johnson, Worthington Properties Ltd., Bill Comrie, Michael Phair, John Mahon, Marianne Fedori, Register of Historic Resources

The Phillips Building may have been saved from Midco’s demolition plan. But is its transformation from a building providing working spaces for 70 artists to a development with 41 upscale studio-style condominiums really a victory?

Dustbowl Days are Over by Donna Balzer, photos by George Webber

Garden, photo essay

The grounds of the University of Calgary is over 200 hectares, and has been nurtured from subsoil to lush greenery.

Stooges by C.B. Sikstrom, illustration by Lisa Brawn

Fiction, short story, award-winner

Just one week before high school begins, a group of boys, followers of the slap stick tradition in humour, learn a new punch line.

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