January/February 2003


January / February 2003

Will the Real Golden Rule Please Stand Up? by Jackie Flanagan


“He who has the gold rules” seems to be Alberta’s ethos-not a philosophy in keeping with democracy.

The New Millennium: Should We Keep It? by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire

Stenson decides the naughts are not for him.

Moral Compass or Political Antennae How our three party leaders find their bearings in an increasingly diverse and secular Alberta

by Larry Johnsrude

Ralph Klein, Ken Nichols, Raj Pannu, commentary

The leaders of our provincial parties’ are profiled and their moral backgrounds examined.

Crude Standards The dubious ethics of Alberta’s international oil empire

by Alison Azer, photo by Jason Payne

Export Development Canada, Talisman in Sudan, Enbridge in Columbia, Encana in Ecuador, OCENSA

Is the presence of Alberta oil companies fuelling civil conflicts and human rights violations in already repressive and corrupt countries?

Survival of the Richest Social Darwinism and the moral economy

by Frank Dabbs, illustrations by Renata Liwska

Herbert Spencer, Man Against the State

How long can the Alberta government continue to promote and protect self-interest over the common good?

Debt & Disharmony What is the future for symphony in Alberta?

by Allison Kydd

Larry Fichtner, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Winspear Centre for Music

For almost a century, symphony orchestras have been a cultural benefit for folks in Edmonton and Calgary. Now they may be a piece of culture we can no longer afford.

A Place to Remember Scholarship donors to Mount Royal College receive a peaceful tribute in the Dr. John H. Garden Memorial Park

by Donna Balzer, photos by George Webber

Garden, photo essay

A green space designed to renew and rejuvenate the spirits of all who visit it.

My Brother’s Shitkickers by Barb Howard

Fiction, short story

Thirteen-year-old Diane is in the throes of adolescence. She worships her big brother Tom, who works on the rigs three weeks on and three weeks off.

Public Square by Larry Johnsrude

Political commentary, opinion, column

We can’t, with accuracy, determine the economic costs of ratifying Kyoto, but we do know the environmental costs if we don’t.

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