January/February 2004


January / February 2004

Essences by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, Alberta Foundation of the Arts, Peter Lougheed, Fil Fraser

Embark on an exercise of essences: what kind of place is Alberta and what kind of place do we want it to be? We can envision and create a province that doesn’t immediately evoke the essences of “redneck” and “right wing”.

In Search of a Modest Proposal by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, formulaic writing

According to Alberta Education’s criteria of the well-written essay, Jonathan Swift would have failed Grade Nine English.

Books or Band? Making hard choices in Alberta’s underfunded schools

by Karen Virag, photo by John Sharpe

Alberta Learning, school districts, Fine Arts Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, H. L. Mencken

Alberta teachers won a pyrrhic victory back in 2002 when they received a 14 per cent wage increase over two years. The government won the war when they ordered school boards to take the 14 per cent increase from existing funds. With no new funds, principals are the ones having to balance the budget.

The AlbertaViews Annual Higher Education Supplement by the editorial staff

Map, costs, size, homepages

Find out essential information on Alberta’s 21 universities and colleges and five First Nations Colleges. Each institution is highlighted with a brief glimpse into an interesting aspect.

Three Views on Funding the Arts Should an arts organization be run like a business?

by Loria Ann Edwards, Blair Cosgrove and Mark Lawes

Alberta Performing Arts Stabilization Fund, arts management, sustainability, subsidies

The debate on whether or not arts organizations should follow a business model for their financial management continues as three Calgarians share their views.

The Calgary Connection Remembering Timothy Findley

by William Whitehead

The Wars, Inside Memory, John Snow House, Markin-Flanagan Distinguished Writers Programme, Shadows, University of Calgary

William Whitehead remembers the Calgarian connection he and Timothy Findley shared, as well as the special times they had in Calgary.

Healings by Raymond Garipy

2003 Jon Whyte Essay Contest, Manito Sakahugan, Cree, Blackfoot, Father Remas, Wolf Collar, Jean de Brebeuf, Gabriel Lalemant

Exploring the healing properties of water from the pedestrian to the profound, from the current to the historic, the author makes the pilgrimage to Lac Sainte Anne.

Sticks & Stones Three women who sculpt nature

Text and photos by Marilynn McAra

Nature, sculpture, gathering

Living in and creating with nature, three Alberta artists share the evolution of their art.

The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad A novel excerpt by Minister Faust (Malcolm Azania)

Fiction, Short Story Contest

Two brothers in spirit, one dishwasher and one video store clerk, make it through another absurd shift of their joe-jobs.

Gadding About by Ben Gadd, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Hibernation, migration, wood frog, Rana sylvatica

We wonder if we’ll survive another long and cold Alberta winter. We will, and so will our fellow creatures, in a variety of weird and wonderful ways only Nature herself could devise.

Vivone’s View by Rich Vivone, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Alberta Learning, the Alberta Teachers’ Association, the Learning Commission, performance measures

Should the Alberta government be responsible for the performance of Alberta teachers? Should good teachers be paid more than bad?

Public Square by Larry Johnsrude, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Learning Commission, TD Bank Financial, Carl Amrhein, University of Alberta, University of Calgary

In Alberta, our public education is crumbling from lack of support, and yet our elementary, junior and senior high school students consistently score at the top of national and international tests. Another Alberta education paradox: we have the brightest students and yet we have the lowest post-secondary rate in Canada.

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