January/February 2005


January / February 2005

The Politics of Food by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, Food

Food isn’t an innocuous, non-political topic. Our food choices affect our health and are affected by decisions made by distant governments and corporations.

Going by the Board by Hanneke Brooymans

Alberta Agriculture, government, customs.Photos by Tim Van Horn. Kristen Wagner. Drew Myers.

Does the Canadian Wheat Board still serve western farmers after its 70 years in existence or is it time to let farmers move to a free market system, allowing them to sell their crops for themselves?

Slaughterhouse Drive by Susan Thompson

Alberta beef, BSE, Ranchers, farming, Lakeside Packers.

Fundamental problems in the Canadian beef industry highlighted by the BSE crisis may be addressed by a movement to start co-operative slaughterhouses and testing facilities.

China: Another Fast Food Nation by Bobbi Barbarich

Map, Globalization, diet, growth, capitalism, export, rural, China, economy, junk food.

Bobbi Barbarich travelled to one of China’s poorest provinces and found that the anticipated problem of malnutrition is quickly being replaced by one of the western world’s biggest health threats: obesity.

Artists without Labels by Curtis Gillespie

Alberta Visual Arts, Outsider Art, Handicap, arts management, developmental disabilty, art therapy, community.

The Nina Haggerty Centre in Edmonton offers people with developmental disabilities a creative outlet. The artwork, some of which is printed with the article, is spectacular.

Every issue we offer this unique puzzle by J.B. Hohm. Solve it to reveal a quote by an Alberta author.

Numbers and statistics illuminate and entertain in one of our most popular pages.