July/August 2000


July / August 2000

Time for a Change by Jackie Flanagan


The Klein agenda-the reduction of government services to eliminate provincial debt-has been popular with voters. Will we vote for further social inequities?

Who’s Toughest? by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson figures that Canadian politicians are tougher than any professional athlete.

Death of Downtown Can Medicine Hat, poised for redevelopment of its downtown core, learn from Edmonton’s mistakes?

by Norm Sacuta

Canadian National Railways, Oliver Area Redevelopment plan, zoning

With the dismantling of the old CN rail yards, the cities of Medicine Hat and Edmonton have the opportunity to revitalize their downtown cores. Edmonton’s Capital City Downtown Plan won three major urban design awards, and yet its implementation has been somewhat unsuccessful.

Reclaiming Ghosts Descendants of the gost town of Mountain Park rally to save their coal-mining heritage, but few in Canmore care about black-dusted phantoms of the distant past

Text and photos by Johnnie Bachusky

Mount Harris, Mountain Park Memories, Three Sisters Resort

Once a bustling coal-mining town, Mountain Park no longer exists save homemade signs that mark what and where buildings stood. Another coal-mining town, Canmore is about to lose its history-not to the wilderness but to tourism.

The New Music Alberta’s classical composers draw inspiration from varied musical traditions

by Piotr Grella-Mozejko

George Andrix, Robert Rosen, Rolf Boon, J-P Christopher Jackson, Andrew Creaghan, Gordon Nicholson, Malcolm Forsyth, Jacobus Kloppers, Jerry Ozipko, Allan Gordon Bell

Mostly due to Violet Archer, Alberta has a vibrant and internationally renowned reputation for its composers of new music.

The Contender Liberal leader Nancy MacBeth, former candidate for the leadership of the provincial Conservatives-and Ralph Klein’s archrival-prepares for the campaign of her life

by Curtis Gillespie, photo by Roth and Ramberg

Bill 11, Rod Love, Peter Elzinga, Ken Kowalski

In the 1992 leadership race Nancy MacBeth suffered a humiliating defeat when Ralph Klein became the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party. As the Liberal leader, she has stepped back into the ring of provincial politics.

Edwardian Splendour Once a hive of activity that played host to royalty, Reader Rock Garden is now a well-kept Calgary secret

by Frances Purslow

Careless Caught in the spell of a dangerous infatuation, a man finds that he must choose between his current life and a far-fetched dream

by Dave Margoshes, illustration by Hugo Dubon

Short story, fiction

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