July/August 2001


July / August 2001

Deciding the Fate of Banff by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, Plato

The preservation versus development conflict about the future of Banff National Park is an excellent example of our need for public informed debate. Through disagreement, we discover we have choices and a range of options.

The Relocation of Wildlife at Banff by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

An elk from Banff National Park is filling in for regular columnist Fred Stenson.

A Cabin in the Woods Tucked in the forest of Banff’s Tunnel Mountain is an artist’s heaven-on-earth-the Leighton Studios

by Laurie Seidlitz, photos by Don Lee and Kim Chan

Yaddo, the MacDowell Colony, Banff Centre for the Arts, multi-disciplinary artist studios

Knowing the successful history of America’s artist retreats and colonies, David Leighton and Neil Armstrong wanted Banff to become a retreat where artists could come and benefit from the escape of their daily lives.

The Battle for Banff Ottawa has laid down the law, now the world watches as Albertans square off over the future of Canada’s first national park

by Jeff Gailus

Bow River, Crosbie Cotton, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Parks Canada, National Park Ski Areas Association, Barry Cooper

No one disputes Banff’s wealth as either a place of extraordinary natural beauty or a tourist attraction. But which wealth has more value to Canadians?

Preservation vs. Development In reviews of each other’s publications, two authors present radically different views on the management of Banff National Park

by Barry Cooper and Rick Searle

Debate, critique, Off Limits, Phantom Parks

Barry Cooper dismisses environmentalist sentimentality; Rick Searle argues that the parks are a public good and not a commodity to be bought and sold.

Greens Revolution The golf industry in Alberta is improving its environmental image while making sensitivity to ecological issues a business advantage

by David Thomas, photos by Rob Jobst and John Marriott Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, Les Furber, turf management technology, Monsanto, Scotts Company, genetically modified grasses

Compared to farms, feedlots, shopping centres and urban sprawl, golf courses are environmentally benign, and are working hard to be even better.

Volunteer Power The St. Albert Botanic Park was conceived, designed and planted by community residents, who continue to maintain it

Text and photos by June Flanagan

Garden, photo essay

This 18-acre park boasts a rose garden with 350 shrubs, a trial garden where annual flower and vegetables grow and a cottage garden of hearty prairie perennials.

Music for Benny Bergen by Ruth Krahn, illustration by Hugo Dubon

Short story, fiction

Benny Bergen was four. He died in an accident, and now Justine is missing school to play piano at his funeral. She doesn’t play his favourite song, though.

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