July/August 2002


July / August 2002

Alberta’s Impact on the World by Jackie Flanagan


If the provincial government had its way Alberta’s most important impact would be competing in the global marketplace. Here we highlight a host of Albertans who, as individuals, are making a significant impact on the world.

Going for Gold by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoev

Wit, humour, satire

Stop the humility! Canadians need to follow Calgarians’ example of arrogance.

Around the World & Back Again At a crucial point in its performance, how will Alberta Ballet land this latest grand jet?

by Graham Chandler, photos by Ivan Karabobaliev

Because of its previous artistic directors’ vision, Alberta Ballet has become an international presence in the ballet world. Where will the new artistic director take the company?

Really Big Sky Country Alberta scientists in the U.S. space program

by Harry Vandervlist

Joe Charyk, Anthony Lui, Doug Hamilton, satellite technology, space weather, space medicine

Three scientists, connected to Alberta through birth or education, are examples of the important role Alberta has played in the space sciences field.

International Albertans by Wendy Dudley, Judy Millar, Larraine Andrews and Rene Groves

Karen Enns, Charlie Russell, Beckie Scott, Allan Matheson, Jacquie Soohen

A naturalist, a painter, a skier, a documentary film maker, and an executive, all of whom are Albertans and within their fields have made a significant impact globally.

The Little Series That Could How and why Mentors, the TV series, quietly wows the world

by Geo F. Takach, photos by Dan Power

Josh Miller, Margaret Mardirossian, biography, Discovery Kids channel

Edmonton is the proud home of the internationally acclaimed and locally produced and distributed children’s TV series, Mentors.

Storm Warning by Betty Jane Hegerat, illustration by Skot Innes

Short story, fiction

Visiting her-in-laws, Jesse watches her husband sail in a storm. She wonders what scares her more, his family or storms.

On Horsehill Creek Crop Diversification Centre North (CDCN)

Text and photos by June Flanagan

Gardens, photo essay

Alberta’s northern horticultural research station has been studying at crop diversification and providing Albertans the fruits of its research for over 50 years.

Every issue we offer this unique puzzle by J.B. Hohm. Solve it to reveal a quote by an Alberta author.

Numbers and statistics illuminate and entertain in one of our most popular pages.