July/August 2003


July / August 2003

Paradise by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, privatisation, social cutbacks

In the 1990s, Alberta forsook the public good for individualism-the false idea that we as Albertans can be self-sufficient, solely responsible for our fate. In this paradigm shift, we have lost little pieces of paradise.

Ahoj from Slovakia Photographer Dana Wilson left Calgary in late 2002 to live and work in Prague.

Text and photos by Dana Wilson

Albertan abroad, photographer

In a cathartic group email to her loved ones, Wilson shares her experience of a day in Slovakia.

Insult Parity with the U.S.A. by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Humour, satire

As Canadians, our insults need a little work. Adopting a no-apology policy may be healthy for our national self-esteem.

Strange Bedfellows How the U.S. farm bill has united our political parties

by Steven Sandor, illustration by Will Yee

World Trade Organization, NAFTA, farm subsidies, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

No group in Canada supports the U.S. Farm Bill. All provinces and parties agree it’s going to make farming here even tougher. But, not surprisingly, they don’t agree on what action to take.

Holistic Cow! Why ranchers are going green

Text and photos by Wendy Dudley

Canadian Centre for Holistic Management, Environmental Farm Plan, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Hard Analysis and Critical Point Control

Holistic management is the new breed of ranch land management. It trades in traditional methods for methods that environmentalists support. Ranchers are realizing that what is good for their land is also good for their bottom line.

Puppet State Alberta-home of the new puppet radicalism

by Liz Nicholls

Ronnie Burkett, The Green Fools, W.P. Puppet Theatre Society, the Old Trout Puppet Workshop

Puppets are performing on stages throughout the province and winning the hearts of strictly adult audiences. And Calgary is the hotbed of all this puppet activity.

Westbound Train Riding back west with the “Roots on the Rails” tour

Text and photos by Lisa Gregoire

Festival Express, passenger train, Canada Pacific Railway, Canadian country music

Gregoire discovers the link between riding the rails and roots music, the foundations of Alberta pioneering.

Floral Facelift Volunteer gardeners give Pincher Creek a make-over

by David McNeill, photos by Gordon Petersen

Communities in Bloom, Scott Black fire, flood, vandalism

The Pincher Planters, a group of volunteer gardeners, have made a colourful difference to the flat landscape of their prairie town.

Notes on the Art of Puppetry in an Atmosphere of Dread by Judd Palmer and Stephen Pearce, photos by Dana Wilson

Y2K, ranch-life, memoir

The record of a new company’s birth in the last fall of the millennium. From the frost, the Old Trout Puppet Workshop emerge.

Honourable Mention 2003 National Magazine Awards in the Arts & Entertainment category.

Nominated 2003 Western Magazine Awards in the Arts, Culture & Entertainment category.

Vivone’s View by Rich Vivone

Career politicians, MLAs, Peter Lougheed, Ralph Klein

Vivone’s solution to our current government’s lack of vision? Pay them more.

Public Square by Larry Johnsrude

Regionalism, federalism, Separation Party of Alberta

According to the Canada West Foundation, most Albertans look at the separatist option as a way of releasing frustration and not as a viable solution.

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