July/August 2004


July / August 2004

The High Price of Our Own Patch of Green by Jackie Flanagan


Albertans are attached to their detached single family homes. We think of these houses as a right, but our attachment is no longer reasonable or responsible.

Conferences 2004/05 by the editorial staff

Supplement, listing

A comprehensive guide to the conferences happening across Alberta this year.

Why Cities? by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire

Stenson contemplates what city life really has to offer us.

Sprawl Pox Don’t blame suburbanites for urban blight-we’re all in it together

by Margaret Chandler

Urban development, Canada West Foundation, municipalities

At last, public attention has turned to urban environmental issues. And the most important issue is also the largest: urban sprawl.

Coal Front Is coalbed methane Alberta’s next energy boon, or another environmental boondoggle?

by Hanneke Brooymans

Woodlands County, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, fire damp, Trident, MGV Energy

Provincial Energy Minister Murray Smith predicts coalbed methane will be to Southern Alberta what the oil sands are to the North. Is this a good thing?

Soul of the City An expat Calgarian peers into the past

Essay by Lily MacKenzie

Essay, memoir

Calgary is no longer the unsophisticated, one-industry cowtown the author left behind. Calgary is all grown up, but what has it become?

Bohemian Boosterism Does solid footing on the Bo-Dex really mean our cities are creative?

by Kevin Brooker, illustrations by James Grasdal

The Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida, mosaic index, high-tech pole index

It was all pretty exciting when Calgary ranked fourth in the Bohemian Index, which measures the population of artists within a city. Supposedly, this index is one of three that determines a city’s amenability to the new economy. So when are artists going to demand their due?

Alley Catch The hidden side of city life

Photos by Marilynn McAra, text by Dan Rubinstein

Photo essay, gardening

Through this collection of photos, discover a few of Edmonton’s beautiful back alley gardens.

Calgarius Mundi Fiction by Lesley Battler, illustration by Hugo Dubon

A modern-day explorer wanders in a strange and fearsome city.

Gadding About by Ben Gadd, illustration by Scott Dutton

Natural history

A drive through Jasper National Business Unit. Jasper National Park is a World Heritage Site. Isn’t a town the antithesis of wilderness?

Vivone’s View by Rich Vivone, illustration by Scott Dutton

Opinion, political commentary

The closer Liberals are to Albertans, the more appealing they become. Just how liberal is Alberta?

Public Square by Larry Johnsrude, illustration by Scott Dutton

Opinion, political commentary

Beneath Alberta’s shiny exterior, our infrastructure is crumbling. Our municipal infrastructure is deteriorating at a disturbing rate and little is being done to replace it.

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