July/August 2005


July / August 2005

Citizen Action by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, Environment, recycling, public policy, collective action.

Albertans love the incomparable beauty of our natural landscape. And yet we are rapidly depleting it. Individual actions-like conserving water and electricity, recycling, taking public transit-are important. But individual action alone won’t save the environment. Only the collective action of citizens and government can do that.

Fighting Frankenmine by Ben Gadd

Coal, coal mining, mining, Alberta mines, Hinton, Cheviot Mine, Mountain Park, Sierra Legal.

As coal prices skyrocketed in 2003, the fight to save Mountain Park from the Cheviot Mine development took on David and Goliath proportions.

The Gleaners by Norm Sacuta

Bottle pickers, recycling, poverty.

Bottle pickers salvage a living from what others discard and make the most of our disposable culture. Norm Sacuta goes on the job with two such Edmonton gleaners.

The Trash of Two Cities by Amber Bowerman

Curbside recycling, recycling depots, Alberta recycling, landfill, compost, Materials Recovery Facility.

In Edmonton, curbside recycling and composting programs keep more than 60 per cent of household waste out of the landfill. Does Calgary’s depot system measure up?

Being Caribou: An interview with Karsten Heuer by Jennifer Esser

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, caribou, Porcupine caribou, Porcupine caribou herd, Karsten Heuer, Leanne Allison, Being Caribou, ANWR, Alaska caribou, ANWR oil, caribou migration, .

For 23,000 years the Porcupine caribou have migrated from the Yukon to Alaska. Now their calving grounds in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are under threat by proposed oil and gas exploration. In 2003, Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison joined the herd to draw attention to the plight of these magnificent animals.

Poetry Out Loud by Malcolm Azania

Mark Kozub, Gail Sidonie Sobat, Mingus Tourette, Dawn Carter, performance poetry, poetry readings, Raving Poets, Stroll of Poets, Alberta poets

Four Edmonton performance poets sound off on poetry, politics and image.

Day Trips Guide Day trips, summer, Alberta destinations, road trips, Alberta trips, Alberta tourism.

Alberta offers a smorgasbord of summer destinations that are perfect for a day trip or extended holiday. Let our guide be your sample platter.

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