July/August 2006


Beauty and Brutality by Peter Norman

“…71 per cent of Albertan respondants claimed it was important to them ‘to help the environment at a personal level.’ But who will direct this goodwill? Who will show us what we should do?”


10 Questions for Environmentalists by Stephen Legault

“Alberta’s beleaguered green community must reorganize, re-prioritize and get down to work. Then we can call ourselves a true movement.”

Feature Essay

The Healing of Angela Bischoff by Stephen Humphrey

“She’d normally find time for riding her bike or doing something active, but she’s too busy organizing a national tour, which sets a new course for her activism.”

Feature Profile

Rattus Non Gratus by Geo Takach

“Alberta’s claim as the world’s only rat-free zone beyond the tundra has become legendary, leaving other jurisdictions cold.”

Feature Report

Flower Child by Chris Ewart

“Pollen ruffled Paper Boy’s nose. A multitude of hydrangeas, ferns and pink gerberas filled a table in front of the flower shop. He pressed his face to the large glass window, knowing nothing about flowers…”


Travel Guide 2006

Book Reviews

SUV for Sale by Fred Stenson

“Meanwhile, I lived on grilled cheese sandwiches and canned corn, but could afford to gas up my pickup.”