June 2005


June 2005

A Tribute to Lois Hole by AlbertaViews Staff

Editorial, Lois Hole, Alberta women in politics.

As Lieutenant Governor, Lois Hole pushed the boundaries in her traditionally ceremonial role. A strong and compassionate woman who always spoke her mind, Hole’s legacy is just one example of why women must not be kept from political life by the systemic barriers that make politics a path fewer and fewer women are choosing.

Barriers to Women by Linda Trimble and Jane Arscott

Famous Five, Laurie Blakeman, women in politics.

Women account for roughly 50 per cent of Alberta’s population but just 16 per cent of our provincial MLAs. Why are we so far from gender parity in our legislature?

16 Per Cent: Women in the Alberta Legislature by Kim Heinrich Gray

Cindy Ady, Laurie Blakeman, Pearl Calahasen, Alana DeLong, Iris Evans, Heather Forsyth, Yvonne Fritz, Carol Haley, Mary-Anne Jablonski, Weslyn Mather, Shirley McClellan, Bridget Pastoor, Janis Tarchuk, Alberta Legislature, MLAs .

Should there be more women in politics? Did the 13 women MLAs who serve in our legislature face barriers as women in getting elected? Do women bring special qualities to the job? We asked all 13 of Alberta’s female MLAs and got very different answers.

Filming The Girl Who Married a Ghost or Dancing with Murphy’s Law by Sandra Sawatzky

Alberta filmmakers, Telefilm Canada, Alberta Works, First Weekend Clubs.

Alberta is a great place to shoot a film if you are from the United States, making a U.S. movie with U.S. dollars. Alberta is no place to make films if one has the notion to make a living. So, why shoot a feature here at all?

Climbing in Bolivia: a Landscape of Extremes by Dianne Chisholm

Bolivia, La Paz, mountain climbing, Albertan Abroad t.

In the summer of 2004, Dianne Chisholm joined a seven-person, one-month expedition to the Bolivian Andes. The team was mostly Albertan. Everyone had climbed abroad but the Rockies were their favourite reference for framing their Bolivian experience.

The Sorry Bell by Theresa Shea

Fiction, infertility, Theresa Shea. Sam Webber

Excerpted from Shea’s forthcoming debut novel, The Quickening, “The Sorry Bell” tells the story of an infertile woman and the ways in which her attempts to become pregnant change her life and her marriage.

Festivals Guide Alberta festivals

From Carifest to Cornfest, Waynefest to Wordfest, Alberta’s best performers-and some exciting visitors-fill nearly every spring and summer weekend with celebrations worthy of the massive audiences they attract. Grab your lawn chairs and slather on the sunscreen: festival season is upon us Alberta!

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