June 2006


Some News Is No News by Peter Norman

“Various forces affect what does and doesn’t make the news. According to some analysts, ownership is the chief influence. By that measure, the conglomeration of Canadian media is alarming.”


Big Oil on Trial by Jeremy Klaszus

“Patterson’s story focused on a slew of previously confidential documents that had recently been made public. The lawsuit had been filed in the New York court on November 8, 2001, by the Presbyterian Church of Sudan and a group of Sudanese citizens and refugees.”

Feature Report

Breaching the Boys Club by Catherine Ford

“The problem was that my little-girl dreams did not included this vision of the future. Unlike most of my friends, I had never dreamed of marriage and family. Possibly I believed they would come along in due time while I did what I really wanted to do—write.”

Feature Essay

In Pursuit of Peace by Carol Tierney

“Jafari plans to make 14 stops along the way, where he will share his vision with as many people as possible. His purpose is to draw attention to the need for peace.”


The Bone Sharps by Tim Bowling

“He slowly pulled back the blankets, then lifted and turned his body until he had his feet on the earth and was facing the closed flap of the tent. He sat this way for several minutes, his narrow, large-browed skull held like a too-familiar fossil in his calloused hands.”

Fiction Excerpt

Festivals Guide 2006

Book Reviews

The New Prime Minister by Fred Stenson

“The old PM had believed it was his duty to talk to the press. The new PM did not. It was simple as that”