March 2005


March 2005

The Power of Citizens by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, citizen action, niche market, reader as citizen, voter turnout, legitimacy

It’s important to think of ourselves as citizens, not just as consumers. An effective government requires an engaged citizenry. The decline in voter turnout suggests that we need to look at changes to our electoral system in order to re-engage our citizens.

Signs of a New Ferment: The not-so-predictable 2004 election by Mark Lisac

Alberta election, government, one-party dominance, campaign, politics.

With the Klein majority considered a disappointment within the PC party and the Liberal party’s 16 seats celebrated as success, the response to the Alberta election indicates a shift the political climate.

Diary of a Doorknocker: A personal account of raging against the machine by Malcolm Azania

Alberta, campaign diary, NDP, candidate, politics, media spin, Minister Faust, social justice, Federal election.

An Edmonton, alternative radio show host decides to run for the NDP in the 2004 federal election.

The Meatmaker: Life and death on the Trans-Canada highway in Banff National Park by Ben Gadd

Banff, Trans-Canada Highway construction, rural, Parks Canada, ecology, Canadian Wildlife Service,Tony Clevenger.

Studies and plans to twin the Trans-Canada Highway in Banff National Park are insufficient to protect the wildlife.

Mural, Mural on the Wall :The Tallcree project: a community design process by Ian Mulder

Alberta Visual Arts, Mural, arts management, Chief Kinasayoo, Treaty 8, Buffalo Head Hills, community,TallCree Band,public art.

Can an informal community design process allow a skilled artist to articulate a northern community’s vision? The result is a 27-metre testament to the power of public art.

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