March 2006


Money Pit: The Case against P3s by Bonnie Ferguson and Corina Crawley

“Public funding cuts created Alberta’s infrastructure deficit. Now the Alberta government wants us to believe that private investment through P3s is the only solution.”


Upping the Ante by Amy Steele

“The province collects more revenue from gambling than royalties from the oil sands. Much of the money funds social programs, including—treatment for problem gamblers.”


Art Gallery of Alberta by Isabela C. Varela

“The Edmonton Art Gallery has been rebranded. It has a new name and will get a fabulous $48-million facelift. But can the EAG really be the art gallery for all of Alberta?”


Good Man by Michael Davie

“The quick glances they give each other while Floyd dumps sugar in his cup are for the concern they feel—that most folks in Parched River feel—that the boy might not turn out so good.”