March/April 2000


March / April 2000

Water by Jackie Flanagan


Water is a non-renewable, naturally recycling resource that is essential for human life. In Alberta, many interests compete for our rivers: industry, fisheries, farmers, cities. Whose interest should public policy protect?

Money by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson discovers his own version of a retirement plan. The rest of us had better start scheming.

Farming in the Next Millennium For some Alberta farmers, those clouds on the horizon hold welcome change; for others, apocalypse

by Angie Rumpf, photos by Don Denton

Zero-till conservation, genetically modified organisms, boutique farming, big-box farming, production systems, Forage Industry Advisory Committee

Currently, Alberta farmers are earning the same income as they did in the 70s, which, with inflation factored in, means their income has decreased 25%. Nowadays, farmers are faced with making big changes or going broke.

What’s for Dinner, Alberta? Steak and potatoes, yes, but also ostrich, Gouda cheese, organic vegetables and chokecherry vinaigrette-all home-grown

by Jane Harris

Alberta Food Processors Association, Canadian Agriculture Infrastructure Program, Earth to Table

There is a growing demand for Alberta regional cuisine, a fancy term meaning locally grown produce and foods. With many local suppliers, one would think the market would bring Alberta buyers and sellers together. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

Art Quilters Taking our province’s treasures off the bed and into the galleries

by Berenice Gargus

Judy Villett, Deb Tilley, Jayne Willoughby Scott, Mary Sullivan Holdgrafer, Wendy Toogood

Making quilts has been a historic craft in Alberta. Now making quilts is also a significant art form, like painting with cloth in that the purpose is no longer utilitarian but personal expression.

Troubled Waters Public apathy threatens Alberta’s rivers and those who live along them

by Kevin Van Tighem, photos by AWA and Kevin Van Tighem

Flowing for the Future, the Oldman Dam, 1999 Water Act, flow ramping, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Even now that we have the knowledge and science to measure the damage we have caused our rivers in our attempts to control them, our government still places the needs of industry above the needs of ecosystems.

Brooks Oasis The Crop Diversification Centre South (CDCS)

Text and photos by June Flanagan

Garden, photo essay, column

To develop hardy prairie plants, this research station has dealt with short growing seasons, frigid winters, parched summers and clay soils. It also boasts wondrous display gardens for visitors to enjoy.

The Measure of a River How is it that the Battle River can carry the fragments of lived experience that have come to constitute this place for me?

by Roger Epp, paintings by Murray Allen

Personal essay, memoir

A man revisits the lay of the Battle River. With his son, his father, his students, he climbs Dried Meat Hill, finding the flow from past to present.

Alberta Authors Text and photos by Don Denton

Photo essay

Denton shares photos from a long-term personal project he calls Faces behind the Page.

Every issue we offer this unique puzzle by J.B. Hohm. Solve it to reveal a quote by an Alberta author.

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