March/April 2004


March / April 2004

Necessary Activists by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, activists, volunteers, power, establishment, protest, democracy

How similar are the concepts of volunteerism and activism? Our high rate of volunteerism is a source of provincial pride, but activism in Alberta is met with suspicion and fear.

Activism in Alberta 2004 by the editorial staff

Activism, protest, communities, justice, politics, environment, peace

This supplement is a comprehensive guide to the organizations in Alberta that are active in creating positive change on critical issues that include social justice, politics, environment, and peace.

Activists Among Us A shopkeeper, a teacher, a student, a unionist, a grandmother and a musician change their world

by Dan Rubinstein, photos by Roth and Ramberg

Edmonton, protests, activists

Six citizens committed to creating social change and representing the breadth of activism in Edmonton are profiled. They are Earth’s General Store owner Michael Kalmanovitch, teacher and radio D.J. Malcolm Azania, political science student Tess Elsworthy, union leader Ramon Antipan, Raging Grannies member Louise Swift and singer/songwriter Maria Dunn.

On the Trail of Alberta Separatists Champs of independence or chumps of power?

by Joe Obad, photos by Marni Wilson and Joe Obad

Alberta separatists, Western Canada Concept, Separation Party of Alberta, Alberta League of Residents, Ralph Klein, Tories

At the 2003 Provincial Conservatives’ AGM, the major issue up for discussion was the secession of Alberta from Canada. Just who are the people behind the different separatist organizations in Alberta? And is secession a serious threat to Alberta, or is it Klein’s way of manipulating Ottawa?

La Vida Local From biodiesel to slow food, change begins at home

by Alison Azer, photo by John Sharpe

Alternative lifestyles, local currency, barter, Calgary Dollars, slow food movement, car sharing

There are many alternative lifestyle choices Albertans can make in order to promote positive social and environmental change. There are also many organizations that support Albertans in making those choices. Profiled are Calgary Dollars, Edmonton Slow Food Convivium, Boiled Frog Trading Cooperative and the Carsharing Cooperative of Edmonton.

Paska and Mustard Writing the immigrant experience

“Ruthenian Easter-and a French Catholic Priest” by Nestor Dmytriw, translated by Jars Balan
This is a Gravity Boiler (excerpt) by Andrew Wedderburn
Illustrations by Larry Bowhay

Fiction, Ukrainian, Russian, immigrants

Two stories, written 90 years apart, provide glimpses into the eastern European immigrant experience in Alberta

Global Village People When should international treaties and agreements supersede domestic laws and policies?

by Jessica Moe, Grade 12, Ross Sheppard High School, Edmonton

Citizens, international law, Kyoto Accord, collective, common good

The Parkland Essay-2003 winning high school entry-argues that Canadians are not just citizens of Canada, but of the world. And as global citizens, we have a duty to include the interest of all people in determining our policies.

A New Meaning to “Joint Policing” by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, Canada Customs, U.S. Customs, U.S. border, zone of confidence, censorship

Comparing the actions of old Canada Customs with the post 9/11 Canada Customs, recently wedded to the department of Homeland Security.

Gadding About by Ben Gadd, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Mud, sediment, geology, bentonite, toothpaste, clay

Have you ever thought about mud? From our boots to our bicuspids, Albertans are mired in mud.

Vivone’s View by Rich Vivone, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Municipalities, school districts, community lottery boards, Alberta School Boards’ Association, payoffs, cutbacks

In Vivone’s opinion, organizations and municipalities that have suffered from Klein’s cutbacks to their funding and autonomy should vocalize their complaints loudly and publicly.

Public Square by Larry Johnsrude, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Alberta Agenda, Stephen Harper, Paul Martin, Ralph Klein, regional isolation

Paul Martin, as he took the prime minister’s office, promised to address the West’s regional isolation. Not the best timing, as the “firewall” concept has made a comeback in Alberta politics.Alberta is flushing away its water, which is necessary for the survival of every living thing. Sooner or later, individuals and industries will have to modify their water use.

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