May 2006


 Community Divided by Amber Bowerman

“I was lucky. I had no student loan and no family to support. It was easy to walk away. But what would I have done if I’d had children to feed and clothe? There was no one to stand up and defend my rights.”


The Little Neighbourhood That Could by Jeremy Klaszus

“Inglewood has been home to working-class Calgarians since the late 1800s. The massive brewery building that looms over Blackfoot Trail is evidence of this, as are the Canadian Pacific railway tracks that border the community to the southwest.”


Faces of Lakeside Packers by George Melnyk

“The members of Local 401 overwhelmingly endorsed the proposed contract, but the company refused to sign. The local went on a legal strike to get a first contract.”

Cover Feature

Small Town, Big Changes by Michael Broadway

“It’s a town that has undergone massive change. The population grew slowly from a total of 499 in 1921 to 9,925—including 315 visible minorities—in 1996.”


The Reader Rock Garden Reborn by Donna Balzer

“Reader’s collection of plants from local prairie and mountain habitats was displayed alongside favourites from England, fashionable plants seen at the famous English Chelsea Garden show and new discoveries from plant expeditions worldwide.”


Garden Guide 2006

Book Reviews

Going For Gold by Fred Stenson

“My hypothesis is that we and the CBC should start treating our athletes like children, ciminals and dogs. The long-craved downpour of medals could result.”