May/June 2001


May / June 2001

Strengthening Relationships by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, Aboriginal issues

What should be the legal relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people? Should we be separate nations, or citizens of Canada?

Kokopelli Abuse by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Some Anasazi artist carved Kokopelli into a cliff, and 2000 years later, he’s everywhere. It’s a cut and dry case of appropriation if you ask Stenson.

Healing Justice The Tsuu T’ina First Nations Peacemaker Court throws out punitive justice and restores the ancient tradition of… talking

by Norma Large, photos by Mike Sturk

Traditional justice, conflict resolution, spirituality, Cognitive-Affective Model of Reconciliation, Ellery Starlight, Judge Mandamin

The public Peacemaker Court is setting new precedents, meting out justice that is a combination of Canadian Law and Tsuu T’ina peacemaking values. It’s a trial measure that hopes to redress the overrepresentation of aboriginals in jail.

Who Killed Garrett Campiou? A native boy’s death in Edmonton goes way beyond just another piece of news, it poses questions about life in a place of poverty and social injustice… in Indian country

by Jeff Gailus

Dr Brooks, Alberta Children’s Services, John Howard Society, Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth, Redmond Littlechief

How many 14-year-old native boys will be murdered before we address the issues contributing to native violence, like childhoods of poverty, neglect and alcoholism?

Separate Nations or Citizens of One Country? In reviews of each other’s book, two authors present radically different views on the place of indigenous people in Canada

by Tom Flanagan and Sharon Venne

First Nations? Second Thoughts, by Tom Flanagan, Our Elders Understand Our Rights: Evolving International Law Regarding Indigenous Peoples, by Sharon Venne, book excerpt, Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Royal Commission On Aboriginal Peoples

Experts in indigenous issues, a white man and a native woman critique each other’s argument. Tom Flanagan questions what will become of Canada if the UN recognizes indigenous people as nations, not people. Sharon Venne accuses Flanagan of having the perspective of a colonizer.

Something Big How Bert Crowfoot defied the odds to build a media empire

by Chris Reading

Windspeaker, Alberta Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan Sage, Raven’s Eye, Buffalo Spirit

Bert Crowfoot is a media mogul. Under the banner of the Aboriginal Multi-Media Society of Alberta, he publishes two magazines, three newspapers, broadcasts an FM radio station, and hosts an award-winning website. Such is the quality of his wares, he is solvent without government funds.

Native Lands North America’s northern-most botanic garden is noted for its collection of plants used by Canada’s First Nation’s people

Text and photos by June Flanagan

Garden, photo essay, Cree, Dr. Anne Anderson, ethnobotany

A bridge links the Native Peoples Garden to the other areas of the Devonian Botanic Garden. The garden is two acres of plants chosen for their documented uses by First Nations communities.

You Can’t Win for Losin’ by Natasha Laurence, illustration by Mike Kerr

Short story, fiction

Uncle Joe has a plan to win the right to sit in the ritzy lobby of the Westin hotel.

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