May/June 2002


May / June 2002

Interest Groups vs. Citizens by Jackie Flanagan


The meaning of disinterest is disappearing from our language, just as the concept of disinterest, fundamental to democracy, has been lost in our government.

What is Government For? by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, Humour, satire

Imagine telling a child how our governments really run.

Surface Rites Do the people who build, who pay for and love a church have no say in its destiny?

by Curtis Gillespie

St. Henry’s Catholic Church, Twin Butte, Hillspring, Bishop Henry, Diocesan Planning Committee

A telling tale of a community who lost the historic church their families built to the bureaucracy of the Calgary Diocese.

Under Siege Can the ancient grasslands of the eastern slopes survive the urban appetite for land that threatens to destroy them?

by Larraine Andrews, photo by Barbara Grinder

Ranch land fragmentation, conservation easement, Cardston, Waterton National Park

As if it weren’t enough that ranchers have to contend with nature herself, they have a new, more damaging threat to their livelihood: urban sprawl.

Big Oil vs. Landowners The community is polarized by Saboteurs and the issues it raises: conflicts between agriculture and oil companies, surface and subsurface land rights, sour gas and flaring. Is the book valid or not?

by Fred Stenson

Book excerpt, commentary, sour gas, flares

Using his own extensive research and experience as a marker, Stenson comments on the accuracy of Saboteurs, the story of Wiebo Ludwig’s fight with the oil industry.

Believe It or Not by Pamela Banting, illustration by Larry Bowhay

Memoir, non-fiction

A happy childhood requires the charms of nature, awe and self.

Garden in the Wind Text and photos by June Flanagan

Garden, ranch land, photo essay

Along the Milk River ridge is the McIntrye Ranch, a place of great natural beauty and two types of grasslands.

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