May/June 2003


May / June 2003

Moving Water by Michael Hall

Editorial, water conservation

In the past, the idea of river diversion has come up and been shot down in Alberta. Lorne Taylor has brought it up again. This time, will our water become a commodity?

Matt Masters, Western Gentleman A young man’s old-time revival

by Zak Pashak, photos by Natasha Pashak

Profile, Calgary musician

Matt Masters is the stage name for self-professed geek Matt Burgener, a singer-songwriter who has introduced an indie-rock audience to country music-Western style.

Cool, Clear Water by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire

Stenson’s solution to make us all water-conservationists.

Demoralized & De-elected by Brian Bechtel

Gary Mar, regional health authorities, Neil Wilkinson

One man’s account of being an elected board member of the Capital Health Region.

Our Elected Representatives by Rich Vivone and Jackie Flanagan

Commentary, legislature, Gary Mar, Pat Nelson, David Hancock, Lyle Oberg, Shirley McClellan, Murray Smith

In this mid-term report, besides containing a listing of our assembly members, Jackie Flanagan contemplates how to describe a MLA’s job and Rich Vivone chooses who he thinks are the three most and three least effective MLAs.

Murky Waters Are factory farms fouling our water?

by Jacqueline D. Price

Canadian Medical Association, Walkerton, Natural Resources Conservation Board

Many countries have placed a moratorium on confined feeding operations because of the associated health risks. Same with Quebec and some American states. So why is Alberta still approving applications?

Gilding the Glacier Seven artists paint the Columbia icefield

by Amber Bowerman

UN, International Year of Fresh Water, the Wonder of Water, the Columbia Icefields

In homage to the famous landscapes of Group of Seven, the Canada House Gallery commissioned seven Western artists to create works inspired by the enigmatic nature and unparalleled importance of water.

Water in the Well The fresh-water-injection debate

by Mike Leschart, photo by Peter Llewellyn

Natural water cycle, aquifer, saline water, fresh water, Butte Action Committee

Is the oil industry contributing to Alberta’s drought? Until the government keeps its own record of industry use, that question cannot begin to be answered.

High & Dry by David W. Schindler

Paleoecology, global warming, mid-Holocene, forest fires, irrigation

Drought will eventually end the so-called Alberta Advantage if we do nothing to improve our water management.

Post-Secondary Survey by the editorial staff

Universities, colleges

An overview of Alberta’s 21 public post-secondary institutions.

Drought-proof Landscaping Seven steps to a water-conserving xeriscape

by June Flanagan

Oasis, vines, perennials

A guide to creating a gorgeous garden in a drought-prone environment.

Among the Chosen by Raymond Garipy

Fiction, short story

A man remembers the summer from his childhood when his father built Noah’s Ark.

Public Square by Larry Johnsrude

Opinion, commentary, column

The government’s continued surprise surpluses should be treated with suspicion.

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