November 2006


Leadership on Health by Jackie Flanagan

“We view government as the vehicle through which citizens of a democracy exercise their will. The support for publicly funded health care is not contemptible dependency, but rahter the mark of a prudent and caring society.”


Jim Dinning: Back to the Future by Trevor Harrison

“But, most important, they also believe Dinning has the ‘right stuff’ to set a new course for the province. And so they applaud enthusiastically as he serves up a smorgasbord of warmed-over ideas such as sustainable and diversified economy, and even tries his hand at the ‘vision thing.'”

Feature Profile

Situation Critical by Gillian Steward

“Why did he risk it when he knew most Albertans don’t want private hospitals, private health insurance or two-tier medicine? Months after the demise of the Third Way there’s no clear answer to that question.”

Feature Essay

Pushed to the Edge by Clem Martini

“You see those signs in emergency waiting rooms that say you will be taken care of in the order of the severity of your illness? Those signs guarantee that if you have arrived at the emergency room with a mental illness, you will be the very last person to be looked after…”

Feature Essay

Silver Linings by Noemi Lopinto

“She is sitting up in her hospital bed, chewing gum slowly and deliberately. She is small and thin, with a delicate, bird-like head. Her pillow is strewn with strands of shining silver hairs.”

Feature Report

Seniors Guide 2006

Book Reviews

Man on the Run by Fred Stenson

“The Prime Minister does not have a sprinter’s physique but he might acquire one if his government lasts the winter. From the start, his strategy for the prevention of bad press has been flight.”