November/December 2000


November / December 2000

Family Under Siege by Jackie Flanagan


Like feminism, families have come along way, baby. It’s time to reflect on how far we’ve gone.

The Art of Being a Mere Conduit by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson preaches that to lead blameless lives, we must find our inner highways.

A Field Guide to Alberta Poets by Pamela Banting

Sid Marty, Monty Reid, Rose and Garth Bibby, Marilyn Dumont, Mary Howes, Andrew Wreggitt, Cowboy Poetry,

Playing with the metaphor of Robert Kroetsch’s seminal poetry book, Seed Catalogue, Banting looks at a collection of poets that Alberta has grown.

Father No Longer Knows Best What is a typical family in Alberta today and why is it so stressed out?

by Graham Chandler

Poverty, youth crime, taxation, flex time, job sharing, telecommuting

Not adapting to dramatic social change, our families are no longer functioning as they should. Perhaps what is needed is a workplace revolution as far reaching as the Industrial Revolution.

Born in Alberta Midwives struggle to bring a healthy new attitude into the birthing world

by Gunhild Hoogensen

For some reason, Albertans view childbirth not as a natural process, but as an event requiring medical intervention. Often misrepresented in our media, midwives have been practising since humanity began.

Water Beds by Shelley Mardiros

Garden, photo essay

Taking on his mother’s love of water lilies, Lahring, against the odds of nature, has devoted his life to growing and selling water plants.

Hic Draconis Est by Meaghan Craven

Short story, fiction

Lara is captivated by a strange painting of Jesus that hangs on her piano teacher’s wall.

Every issue we offer this unique puzzle by J.B. Hohm. Solve it to reveal a quote by an Alberta author.

Numbers and statistics illuminate and entertain in one of our most popular pages.