November/December 2001


November / December 2001

Imagine No Religion by Jackie Flanagan


Would a world without religion bring us peace?

The World’s Oldest Altar Boy: Yet Another Confession by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson takes on the Catholic Church, faith and Stockwell Day.

Sacred Space Somewhere between Heaven and Earth, Alberta, lies a true architecture of faith

by Arran Timms

Kenneth Frampton, St. Joachim, Father Lacombe, Cardston Mormon Temple, St. Mary, Douglas Cardinal

Architecture often reveals something of a region’s history and geography. This “critical regionalism” can be found in most Albertan structures, except, strangely, its religious buildings.

Loosening Our Bible Belt The changing faith of Alberta

by Graham Chandler

William Aberhart, Earnest Manning, Stockwell Day, Muslims, United Church, Catholics, Protestants

The idea that Alberta is Canada’s bible belt needs to be rethought. Seems that Alberta’s population is one of least religious in Canada.

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Religion, Terror, Politics & the Media by Dr. Saleem Qureshi, Dr. Judith Garber, Tim Weis and host Zak Pashak

Live radio transcript, Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, Thomas Keating

On September 20, days after 9/11, CJSR radio host Zak Pashak interviewed Dr. Judith Garber, a specialist in U.S. politics; Dr. Qureshi, a specialist in middle Eastern politics; and Tim Weis, the spokesperson for the Muslim Students’ Association. They discussed issues surrounding the attacks.

Keeping the Faith in Alberta When the closet door opens, the church doors generally shut

by Debbie Culbertson, photos by Natasha Pashak

Personal essay

Culbertson recounts her family’s journey to find a church that would welcome gay and lesbians.

Erna’s Garden by David McNeill, photos by Gordon Petersen

Garden, photo essay, Beaver Mines

Over the 80 years during which Erna has gardened, gardening has transformed from a necessity for survival to a pleasing passion.

Near Drownings by Candace Allan, illustration by Larry Bowhay

Short story, fiction

An afternoon alone with her frail grandmother is all it takes for Lauren to see her not as old but as a woman.

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