November/December 2002


November / December 2002

The Scar on My Brother’s Arm by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, Medicare

Medicare reflects such a fundamental Canadian value that it’s hard to believe equal access to healthcare is not yet fifty years old.

A Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, satire, humour

Considering ever-shifting public respect for doctors and priests, Stenson recommends a merger: the College of Metaphysicians and Surgeons.

Can Medicare Survive? A response to the Mazankowski Report

by Greg Flanagan, sculpture by Jeff de Boer

Bill 11, National Forum on Health, Romanow Commission, Canada Health Act

The unwavering governmental support of Alberta’s Mazankowski report marks the implementation of market strategies within our health care system. Rather drastic measures, according to other reports, who declare Medicare to be financially sound.

Yoga in Alberta by Marcia Langenberg

Yoga Association of Alberta, University of Alberta, Dr. Mohan Singh

After 5000 years of practice in India, Yoga arrived in Alberta in the late 60s and has enjoyed increasing recognition for its benefits to health.

Healing Sounds Music therapy resonates where words can’t reach

Text and photos by Kim Heinrich Gray

Rehabilitation, alternative medicine, Canadian Association of Music Therapists

Increasingly, experts recognize that music therapy reaches people who, in other ways, are unreachable. Guided by therapists, people with brain injuries, autism, or dementia are able to find connection through music.

La Pincoya by Sarah Murphy, illustration by Scott Dutton

Fiction, short story

A woman remembers what General Pinochet forgets.

A School Garden Students learn from gardening at David Thompson

by Linda Tomlinson

Garden, photo essay

Who knew that landscaping and gardening could foster school spirit?

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