November/December 2003


November / December 2003

Stigma by Jackie Flanagan

Editorial, Dr. Frederick Banting, the Alberta Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, Alberta Mental Health Board, Political Asylums

The treatment of the mentally ill continues to be poor in Alberta. What can we do as citizens to ensure that treatment, immediate and long-term, is available for the mentally ill?

Literary Supplement 2003 by the editorial staff

Fred Wah, Nancy Jo Cullen, Gordon Morash

Welcome to our annual guide to Alberta publishing. Find out the titles, authors and publishers of the Alberta books that are stocking shelves this fall. Also, add to your reading list these Alberta books recommended by prominent Albertans.

Raising Cain by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire

How to raise your children to be either politicians or activists.

Mentally Ill and Homeless Lack of affordable housing pushes thousands onto the street

Text and photos by Cheryl Mahaffy

Dr. P.J. White, Alberta Hospital, Political Asylums, Ron LaJeunesse, Canada Mental Health Association

The overrepresentation of the mentally ill in the homeless population is an urgent issue, one that has developed from a history of poor policies regarding mental health and one that requires immediate action.

Is Charity the Answer? A temporary shelter does not a home make

by Carlos Gasca, photo by John Gaucher

The Calgary Homeless Foundation, World Vision, Eli Lilly, Giving and Volunteering in Canada

Charitable organizations cannot take the place of a responsible government in creating long term solutions for critical social issues.

Tryin’ to get to heaven Inside one man’s struggle with schizophrenia

by Larry Pratt

Alberta Hospital Edmonton, psychosis, medication

Meet Randy, a paranoid schizophrenic, who, like any of us, was engaged in living his life the best way he knew how.

Community Growth Gardens that cultivate food and neighbourhoods

by Amber Bowerman, photos by Scott Dutton, Kaitlynn Mendes and Lesley Schonhoffer

Community Garden Network of Edmonton and Area, Calgary Horticultural Society

Gardens are springing up in urban spaces in Edmonton and Calgary. Find out more about the different organizations who are bringing communities together through gardening.

A Conundrum of Kites Suicide: learning the difference between committing and completing.

by Sophie Lees, illustration by Scott Dutton

Youth suicide, intervention, high school

A woman explores her long-term relationship with suicide and chronic depression.

Gold Award 2003 National Magazine Awards in the Personal Journalism category.

2003 Western Magazine Award in the Human Experience category.

Nominated 2003 Western Magazine Awards in the Gold Award Best Article-Alberta/NWT category.

Adjusting the Ashes The prize-winning story that asks the question: How much consorting is normal for a couple their age?

by Susan Calder

Fiction, short story

For her 50th birthday, Carol gets a card from her best friend, a card that brings Carol to question her future life.

Vivone’s View by Rich Vivone, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Ralph Klein, Gary Mar, Jim Dinning, David Hancock

Rumours of Ralph’s retirement have been circulating, and potential successors discussed. But rest assured, Ralph is still king.

Public Square by Larry Johnsrude, illustration by Lesley Schonhoffer

Globalism, glocalism, civic elections, Elections Canada

Albertans struggle with political apathy not only at the global scale, but also locally.

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