November/December 2004


November / December 2004

Addiction and Orestes by Jackie Flanagan


The epidemic of addiction – considering the nature of addiction and the societal and cultural factors contributing to it.

The Electric Saskatchewan Acid Test If addictions are an illness, shouldn’t we consider more holistic treatment?

by Fil Fraser, with artwork by addiction treatment patients

Department of Health, AADAC, LSD, addictions treatment

In the 1960s Alberta and Saskatchewan dealt with addicts in cosmically different ways. In today’s enviroment, how will stark resources meet the demands of a growing population with a proliferating constellation of addictions?

Impaired Judgement The economic impact of liquor privatization may be open to debate, but shouldn’t our provincial government be just as concerned with how it affects the health of Albertans?

by Greg Flanagan

ALCB, privatization

Examining the economic and societal effects of privatizing Alberta’s liquor industry.

The War on Fat The scale not only measures our weight, but also our societal worth.

by Sophie Lees, art by Jenny Saville

obesity, personal essay, body image, weight

A personal account of one woman’s struggle with over-eating and its effect on her self-image, by National Magazine Award Winner Sophie Lees.

The Queen of Paradise by Billie Savage, art by Mujer Leendo

personal essay, BBW, body image, size-friendly

One woman’s liberation at Freedom Paradise Resort – billed as the world’s only size-friendly vacation club.

Smoking on the Job Should the Alberta government ban butts in the workplace, or butt out of the issue?

by Mike Bowerman

Steven O’Hearn, smoking ban, Barb Tarbox

Should the government be protecting public health by banning smoking in the workplace?

Pieces of a Dream – A Story of Gambling An excerpt from a documentary film by Michelle Wong

personal essay, gambling, suicide

An intimate exploration of one man’s addiction and his sister’s search for answers following his tragic death.

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