October 2006


Educating the Heart by Jackie Flanagan

“So is it a dog-eat-dog world, with all of us scrapping for scarce resources? Must we hate our enemies and continue to engender violence and war? Or are we meant to care for each other, and pursue not merely our own good, but the good of all?”


Trouble in the Fields by Jeremy Klaszus

“Like many rural Alberta landowners living near coalbed methan wells, Signer is concerned about her water, which has recently started fizzing and emitting a white vapour.”

Feature Report

The Lion-Hearted by Alison Azer

“But if we were to look—really look—we’d see a woman of astounding strength and resilience. A woman who in Kurdish, her mother tongue, is know as sherdel—the lion-hearted.”

Feature Report

The Price of Progress by Gillian Steward with photos by James Tworow

“In it’s last years it was described as seedy, dilapidated, an eyesore, an embarrassment. Some of the residents called it Victim Park. Prostitutes and drug dealers roamed the streets.”


Spreading the Wealth by Jonah Gindin

“Canada and Venezuela are the most important sources of oil outside the Middle East, and they may surpass even that black-gold mine. But their policies could not be more different.”

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Lifelong Learning Guide 2006

Book Reviews

Lord Keynes by Fred Stenson

“I suspect the answer to this odd behaviour lies in the workings of The Invisible Hand. In the 18th century, Adam Smith gave his name to a magical power that allowed mankind to pursue its self-interest while, in his words, ‘inadvertently stimulating the economy and assisting the poor.'”