September/October 2004


September / October 2004

The Use of Force by Jackie Flanagan


It is often better to not use force in the first place than to justify its use after the fact.

Letting Down Their Guard Living with “civvies” has changed the military.

by Will Gibson, photos by Pieter de Vos

Department of National Defence, Morinville, Griesbach Barracks, living offbase In the last 30 years, the Canadian military has moved away from onbase housing to having their personnel live in neighbouring communities.

There’s No Home Life Like It Growing up as an army brat taught me to mind my PMQs.

by Wayne Arthurson, photos courtesy of his mom

Personal Married Quarters, personal essay, cold war, FLQ crisis

The author’s experiences shaped him in a way that civilian life could not have.

Crossing the Line What happens when you lodge a complaint against the police?

by Lisa Gregoire

Edmonton, Calgary, police service, LERB, disciplinary hearing, abuse, Richard Land

As our police become increasingly militarized, it is important to develop an oversight process that recognizes our police are citizens and not above the law.