Winter 1998


Winter 1998

Editorial by Jackie Flanagan

Inaugural editorial, independent media

In the form of an open letter, editor and publisher Jackie Flanagan introduces AlbertaViews magazine as an independent voice for public discourse on issues relevant to Albertans.

At What Price Victory? by David B. Coll

Societal evolution, totalitarianism, Gogol

Alberta’s fiscal policies are compared to Stalin’s Five Year Plans and revealed to be part of the dehumanization of Western culture.

It’s Just Like Living… and I’m Beginning to Understand Why by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, satire, cultural shift

Those who are able to differentiate almost always prefer fantasy and pop culture to reality and society. Is this a good thing?

Privatization and the Radio Station by Larry Pratt

Privatization, CKUA, Steve West, Ralph Klein, Gail Hinchcliffe

In 1993, the Klein government began its agenda of privitization. Many would argue that it has been a disaster. Listeners of CKUA in 1997 would agree when they learned about the shocking demise of Canada’s best radio station.

Anyone Opposed? by Jackie Flanagan

Social Credit, United Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Conservatives, opposition, Peter Lougheed, Ralph Klein

An effective parliamentary opposition plays a necessary role in a democratic government. However, throughout Alberta’s political history, there has never been an opposition. How democratic is our legislature if policies become laws without debate or disclosure?

All Alberta’s a Stage by Patrick Rengger

Arts, Citadel Theatre, Workshop West, Primestock, One Yellow Rabbit, Alberta Theatre Projects, Theatre Calgary, Gaslight Theatre

Alberta is known for its wealth of theatre, from grand professional theatres like the Citadel to small community theatres like Gaslight. Each season, artistic directors select a number of plays to produce. Their choices span from the classics to world premieres, from highbrow to lowbrow, and indeed, reflect the diversity of Albertans themselves.

Believing is not Seeing by Rudy Wiebe

Fiction, short story

In Alberta, a couple contemplates existential themes, and a farmer hears a sermon extolling big agribusinesses.

Paradise in Pump Hill Photos by Kevin Jordan, Text by Jackie Flanagan

Fairview Gardens, Calgary, Thomas and Ella Patton

For over a century, the Patton Family has been tied to the land then known as the Fairview Gardens, now the Pump Hill district. In homage to his family’s gardening history, Clancy Patton maintains a splendid garden on the lot where his grandparents’ house once stood.

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