September 2006


Save Time, Avoid Grief by Jackie Flanagan

“A good education is delivered in a systematic way, building on the learner’s previously acquired understandings and taking into account the needs of the learner and the reality of human development.”


Ralph Klein’s Real Legacy by Frank Dabbs

“It was, in fact, Klein’s predecessor, Don Getty, who framed and launched Alberta’s fiscal revolution. In the aftermath of extremely low oil and gas prices in the mid-eighties, Getty slashed public spending on social programs.”

Feature Essay

Alberta’s PSE Crisis by Bill Moore-Kilgannon

“Gaps between rhetoric and reality are common in any field, but in the case of post-secondary education in Alberta, the gap has become a chasm. For years, the provincial government has claimed to be committed to a top-quality post-secondary education system.”

Feature Report

Speaking in Tongues by Peter Norman

“But a dire fate awaits many of the world’s more fragile languages, especially those with few speakers and little cultural relevance for young people. Like insect species in the Amazon, languages are dying out.”

Feature Essay

One of Our Own by George Fenwick

“Then the instruments subside, and the piano descends into its lowest register. The deepest, darkest tones of the solo tuba indicate that the pheonix, the mythical bird whose story has been told since ancient Egyptian times, has reached the end of its 500-year life cycle.”

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Arts Season Guide 2006

Book Reviews

Bound to be Gagged? by Fred Stenson

“I suppose we all have this freedom already, though it’s not good for business—and it could be viewed as unethical if you happen to be a dentist. ‘For Pete’s sake, look at where that molar is. And it’s impacted! Didn’t my assistant tell you…?'”