September/October 2000


September / October 2000

Local Boy Makes Good… But with What Consequences for the Nation? by Jackie Flanagan


Poised on a platform more suited to American politics than Canadian, Stockwell Day is in a position where he could possibly become prime minister.

Monopoly by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Humour, wit, satire, column

Stenson envisions the end of Monopoly-the board game, not the practice.

Shifting the Burden Who really benefits from the flat tax?

by Greg Flanagan

Adam Smith, Stockwell Day, Ralph Klein, progressive tax, proportional tax, Bill 18/19

With little public debate or outcry, the Alberta Income Tax Act was passed this spring, and Alberta became the first place in North America with a flat income tax rate.

Hard Times for Youth Crime Critics argue we’re too soft on young offenders, but more youths than ever are being transferred to the adult system

by Sandy Kalef, illustration by Hugo Dubon

Media coverage, adult system, Youth Court, Young Offenders Act, Youth Criminal Justice Act

The public believes that the threat of violent youth crime is far greater than it is. This distortion has a devastating impact on how youth offenders are treated in our justice system.

Experiments in Cultural Fusion Alberta dance melds traditional influences with a pioneering spirit

by Pamela Anthony

Alberta Ballet, Brian Webb, Tania Alvarado, Shumka Dancers, Hannah Stilwell, Nicole Mion, Usha Gupta

With little local work for professional dancers, Alberta’s dance scene has become highly individualized, both in expression and performance. Most exciting are the dance companies that fuse folk, ballet and modern dance.

Kin by Elizabeth Haynes, illustration by Simone Zahradka

Short story, fiction

Nan has lost her golden haired lion-boy to her past.

A Garden of Moments Anne Vale’s rock garden in Black Diamond offers tiny little tasty bites of beauty

by Donna Blazer, photos by David Ballantyne

Garden, photo essay

The town of Black Diamond is home to Vale’s Greenhouse, where visitors can visit its stunning rock garden, among other display gardens.

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