September/October 2001


September / October 2001

What Hope is There for Local/Independent Media? by Jackie Flanagan


Taking a look at the few independent media resources that exist in Alberta, we might ask ourselves as citizens where our responsibilities lie to sustain our culture.

The 21st Century Media by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, satire, humour

Stenson suggests we think of our media as a mercenary army of raping and pillages soldiers. Keep ‘em busy.

Declaration of Independence Independent. Local. Two words that sum up A-Channel’s approach to television broadasting in Alberta. But is A-Channel really either-Alberta or indie?

by Mike Bell, photo by David Ballantyne

Izzy Asper, Conrad Black, Craig Broadcast System, Drew Craig, CHUM Ltd.

In 1996, A-Channel, on the platform of commitment to independent local production and content, won the two coveted Alberta licences being granted by the CTRC. Albertans are now wondering if A-Channel is any different from their competition, CanWest Global.

A Local Perspective Do we really need an Alberta book publishing industry?

by Tim Christison, illustration by Hugo Dubon

Red Deer Press, University of Alberta Press, University of Calgary Press, NeWest Press, Lone Pine Publishing

Alberta’s publishers are as much pioneers as the first Albertan settlers. Practiced in perseverance, they are committed to bring Alberta stories to Albertans.

Are Our Newspapers Betraying Us? by Larry Johnsrude and David Taras

Debate, book excerpt

The release of David Tara’s book, Power and Betrayal in the Canadian Media, is cause for debate. Here a journalist reviews the book and the author responds.

Ears a Little More Open Why a growing audience adores CKUA radio

by Geo F. Takach, photo by Corey Hochachka

Privatization, Gail Hinchliffe, Bud Steen, Tommy Banks, subscription radio, Ken Regan, The Folkways Collection

CKUA is a treasure to its listeners, locally, nationally, even internationally. And even though its listeners have invested generously, the radio station is still on the brink of insolvency.

Closer to Nature Rita Wildschut has learned to coax beauty out of the arid earth of Brooks

Text and photos by June Flanagan

Garden, photo essay

A native of Holland, Rita has pursued art and gardening in her new country. Often, her two passions are combined.

Heat by Astrid Blodgett, illustration by Mike Kerr

Short story, fiction

The death of her dog, Sandy, has left Annie bereft and counting all that she has lost in her relationship with Steve.

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