September/October 2002


September / October 2002

Techno-Titans by Choice or by Fiat? by Jackie Flanagan


Why is it that in the Alberta public school system, money is available for computers but not for the arts?

Modern Technology: Milking the Modern Consumer by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire

What if all products we purchased were like computers (utterly useless in three years or less)?

High Tech Art by Kay Burns

Janet Cardiff, Lethbridge, Venice Biennale, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, the Einstein’s Brain Project

What better example is there that art reflects culture than the marriage between technology and art-the emergence of media art and time-based art?

The Wired, Wired West Who knew? The Alberta government has a plan to make this province the most wired in the world

by Mark Wolfe and Mary Anne Moser, photos by Kaitlynn Mendes

Dialogue, 1997 Growth Summit, Connections Canada

Two doctoral candidates debate the merits of Alberta’s ICT strategy and the arrival of SuperNet.

Head of the Virtual Class Athabasca University way out front in distance learning

by Amber Bowerman

SAIT, e-learning, WebCT, Canada Virtual University

As delivery systems become more sophisticated, educational institutions are offering more classes on-line or supplementing traditional classrooms with on-line components. For 25 years, Athabasca University has been without traditional classrooms all together.

Computers in Schools Problems and potential of digital technology for K-12

by Linda Flanagan

ICT, new economy, high-tech

Now that computers sit in classrooms across the province, we must consider how they can enhance educational goals rather than dictate them.

Allegra Goes Up by Rosemary Nixon, illustrations by Cindy Hanna

Fiction, short story

Allegra is in Grade 2 and scared she’s going slide down to the level of turtles.

The Restoration of Beaulieu by Donna Bewski, photos by Michael Interisano

Garden, photo essay, history

The Beaulieu grounds are being transformed from a 19th century home to a 21st century public site.

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