Spring 1998


Spring 1998

Off the Planet, Now! by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson reveals the true purpose of children: to knock off their parents.

Cutting Health Care: the Hidden Cost by Greg Flanagan

Transfer payments, regional health authorities, Canada Health Act, hospital closures

In 1997, the Health Care Group opened its doors as Canada’s first private for-profit hospital. Could a two-tiered health care system have been the real goal of Klein’s cuts to health care, not debt reduction at all?

Winds of Change by Frank Dabbs, photo by McKibben & Bailey

Vision Quest Wind-Electric, turbines, Pincher Creek, Don Getty, Patricia Black, York Wind Power

Wind power has slipped its way into the energy market, which has been dominated by the thermal coal oligopoly for the past 30 years.

Who Wins? Government and citizens clash over VLTs

by Charles Mandel

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AADAC, Rocky Mountain House, South Dakota

Without informed public debate, the government ushered VLTs into bars and casinos as a way of collecting revenue. Even now, with a better-informed public, it won’t debate the issues. Because, perhaps, it has become dependant on this source of income.

Literary Genealogy Exploring the legacy of F.M. Salter

by George Melnyk

Rudy Wiebe, Robert Kroetsch, W.O. Mitchell, Aritha Van Herk, Thomas Wharton, Hiromi Goto

The tradition of Alberta literature is like a family tree, stemming from F.M. Salter and the program he established in creative writing at the U of A.

A Fondness for the Bay by Aritha Van Herk

Short story, fiction

Dena floats through a life of work for which she was unprepared.

Alberta’s Botanic Garden by Donna Dawson

Garden, photo essay

The Devonian Garden is part of the University of Alberta. It is also a public place to enjoy the variously-themed garden, such as the First Nations and Japanese Gardens.

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