Spring 1999


Spring 1999

Are Canadians Too Nice? by Fred Stenson, illustration by Steve Attoe

Wit, humour, satire, column

Stenson postulates that Canadians may not be so nice after all. Except when it comes to bowing to foreign business interests.

Educational Reform: Failing the Grade by Trevor Harrison and Jerrold Kachur, illustrations by Cark G. Danker

Alberta Teachers’ Association, accountability, public schools, private schools, charter schools

In 1993, the Alberta government began reforming education as part of the Klein revolution. The corporatization of school administration, we were told, would benefit education, even with the planned budget cuts. Parents disagreed.

Worlds Without Borders by Shelley Boettcher

Youth Challenge International, CUSO, Canada World Youth, Peace Corps, Mathew McLean, Karla Mundy, Carolyn Buckee, Jane MacKimmie

Four Alberta youths, like scores of other Canadians, applied and fundraised in order to volunteer for social projects helping people in developing countries. It seems ideal: a chance for socially conscious youths to save the world and travel to faraway lands. But what is the reality?

Firedamp How the creation of a play about a disaster rekindled community in Coalhurst

by Arlene Purcell

Personal essay

In 1935, the Coalhurst Mine Disaster occurred, killing 16 men and crippling the town. 63 years later, Arlene Purcell brought the community together through a high school drama production that recounted the disaster. Here, she tells the story of Firedamp.

Playwrights: Alberta’s Forgotten Wordsmiths? Six playwrights at home in an essentially collaborative art

by Harry Vandervlist

John Murrell, Brad Fraser, Sharon Pollock, Clem Martini, Eugene Stickland, Ron Chambers

Playwrights hold a strange place in the world of Canadian literature. After all, a published script may be a literary document, but it can’t contain the play, which is in essence a living event. Six renowned Albertan playwrights search for an answer.

Turnaround by Clem Martini and Cheryl Foggo, illustration by James Lorincz

Play excerpt

In a legal environment, a mother and daughter ask for opposing future lives that each believes will lessen the damage of the past. An examination of domestic violence.

Through a Gardener’s Lens by Marilynn McAra, photos by Rosemarie Stepanko

Currently unavailable

Garden, photo essay

A busy family physician, Rosemarie Stepanko replenishes herself in her twin and twining passions: her garden and her camera.

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